atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6945: Let me see if I'm understanding this.

Kamala Harris quit the race for President and now the Democrats are trying to spin this as the result of racism.

Think, for a moment, about what her constituency was. Whose vote was it that she was trying to get?

Democrats' votes!

...because she was trying to win the Democrat primaries. There were not going to be any Republicans--at least, not people who are registered Republicans--voting in the primaries. The primary elections don't even start until January, so she's withdrawing from the race based entirely on what the polls say...and the result of polls of likely Democrat voters showed that she was not a popular choice.

And right on schedule out come the accusations of "racist!" but those accusations are aimed at Democrat voters.

Don't hold your breath waiting for CNN or somebody to ask Democrat voters, "What do you think of Kamala Harris' accusations of Democrat voters being racist?"

* * *

It's always a shock, isn't it? A kid of moderate intelligence can breeze right through high school with straight A's...and then, when he gets into college, hits a brick wall.

The socialized educational system has been dumbed down so that the below-average can graduate from high school, and it's "unfair" to have advanced courses for smarter kids or even to recognize that some kids are smarter than others. No, all kids have to be treated exactly the same so that no one gets his feelings hurt (or feels "discriminated against") and you especially may not allow the kids who want to learn to be segregated from the ones who don't.

Used to be that colleges had admission exams. If you could pass the test, they'd let you attend. But of course that's "discrimination" now.

* * *

Today was a pain in the ass and I'm glad it's over. I am going to go kill monsters in WoW now.

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