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#6947: With 25 days left in the year, no less

259 days in 2019 with no sunspots, which is one day short of 2009's total and nine days short of 2008's.

So, even if we have only one more day this year without sunspots, we'll tie one of the lowest annual sunspot counts in an extremely long time.

* * *

So, a robbery gone bad turns out much worse. Thieves try to rob a jewelry store, then hijacked a UPS truck. It ended with a shootout in which police expended something like 200 rounds and killed the two thieves, the UPS truck driver, and a bystander.

The first video embedded in that post makes my sphincter pucker because you can hear bullets whizzing past. I counted four of them, four bullets that passed near enough to the cell phone that its microphone picked up the sound. Listening to it again I thought I heard something that might have been a fifth; it's for certain that if you were actually there you would have heard more because the human ear is better at hearing than microphones are.

Those bullets were fired by police.

Do you know how incredibly irresponsible that is? Just about any gun range I've ever heard of bans "rapid fire" because it's unsafe--you can lose control of your firearm--yet those cops just blasted away at that UPS truck despite the fact that it was surrounded by civilians. You can even see the police taking cover behind occupied civilian vehicles.

"I'm amazed more people were not killed," says the writer. It does seem miraculous, doesn't it? Holy crap.

The entire event has "irresponsible" written all over it. You have helicopters. Why not let the helicopters follow the bad guys, instead of having 24+ cars from nine agencies rampaging down the road after them? You know, maybe position cars so that the bad guys are corralled into a less-busy area where the cops can shoot like police do (wildly firing every round in their guns, hitting nothing) without endangering the citizens?

This is "to serve and protect" in action, right there.

There is already outrage over the way police used bystanders as human shields.
"In addition to the UPS driver - who was on his knees - the innocent bystander was shot while sitting in a car waiting at the stop light in the intersection," CBS4 News in Miami reporter Jim DeFede has confirmed.

"The number of shots fired by the officers is not currently known but my source said it could exceed 200 rounds," he reported. The deceased bystander had been "inside an idle car at the scene."
I don't care who's doing what; I hear shots being fired (especially like that!) and I'm on the gas getting the fuck outa there, red light or no.

That bottom picture? If I'm there, I'm driving on the median or into opposing traffic if I have to.

I don't know who Brandon Friedman is, but I absolutely agree with his assessment of this:
1. This absolutely appalling highway shootout yesterday encapsulates the under-trained, military-cosplaying, Punisher-wannabe cops who permeate America's police departments.

They killed both the hostage and a bystander, then bragged "no LEOs were harmed."
That's ridiculous. There are a hundred other, better ways this could have been handled, but the police involved were all about "respect mah authoritah!" and went apeshit.

* * *

And about the shooting in Pensacola?
Nothing about a foreign national getting his hands on a gun in the US and trying to sneak it onto a US military base is legal. There is no passable gun control law that would have prevented this.
Or even non-passable. There's no law that can prevent a suicidal maniac from killing people.

* * *

AHHH HA HA HA HA HA. She had all of four paying customers for a show that she shut down. Four.


* * *

Yet another thing that's 100% unsurprising. 20% of employers won't hire Trump supporters.

Now, imagine if there were 20% of employers who had a different reason for not hiring people: because they're black, because they vote Democrat, because they're pro-abortion.... Imagine the outcry and the lawsuits and the media circus.

TL;DR one of the essential components of leftism is hypocrisy.

* * *

Ignorance of science is a lovely feature of modern life.
he man who resides on the 6300 block of Chippenhook Court, called emergency services at 6.15 pm saying he had sustained burns from a device he was working on in his garage.

In his 911 call, the man referenced 'alpha waves' and a particle accelerator, prompting fears from authorities.

Chief Steve Martin, the Columbus Division of Fire spokesman, said the device sounded like a nuclear reactor leading to concerns about radiation, according to The Columbus Dispatch.
Okay, let's go from the top here.

"Alpha waves" are a type of brain wave and they almost never cause radiation burns, unless the person emitting them is some kind of superhero.

A particle accelerator can be dangerous while it's in operation, if you are standing within about two feet of the muzzle of the thing, but if the particle accelerator is inside a typical frame building it doesn't matter whether it's on or off; you're perfectly safe.

"A nuclear specialist who was brought to the scene found a homemade capacitor."


"The man does not appear to be seriously injured."

So what happened was, in fact, that the fire department(s) overreacted.

* * *

I'm afraid that I have to agree with this.
...[M]aybe, as your bellies bloat and your vision dims, you can ponder the white farmers you killed, whose families you raped, and whose land you stole outright, because you never learned to read well enough to understand the parable of the Golden Goose, and your surviving population will stop going for lying leaders telling them that if they just cut the Goose open, they'll be rich too.
Africa is a shithole, and it's going to keep on being a shithole.

Kim du Toit is a naturalized American citizen from South Africa, and he explains what was wrong with Apartheid in the context of explaining that there was nothing to excuse it even though it did allow South Africa to be a prosperous first-world country.

"The fact of the matter is," he says, "that when it comes to Africa, there is no good way." (Emphasis his.)

Because a system that will keep the lights on and the infrastructure maintained and the economy prosperous must account for the African culture, which is not conducive to any of that, and typically would have to be oppressive and place severe limits on blacks. The alternative is what they have now, which is kleptocracy with a rind of socialism atop it, something which comes as natural to Africa as swimming does to a fish.
Which is the main point to my thinking on Africa: nothing works. Africa is simply a train-smash continent, where good intentions come to nought, where successful systems and ideas fail eventually, and where unsuccessful systems (e.g. Marxism) also fail, just fail more quickly.
Emphasis his.

Apartheid was an evil system, and can't be justified by the results it gave. What arose in its absence is not better. It's not the result of colonialism.

* * *

Anyway, it's finally Friday evening, and I'm going to kill some monsters!!!!!!!111one-one

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