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#6951: DRY

Went to one of my off-sites today to deploy a new computer. It went about as well as everything else has been (three hours of banging my head against a wall) and I had to go up to the control room three times.

The control room is on the third floor of a five-storey building. I'm not exactly certain what process is taking place but at the top of the building stuff goes into a big machine and somewhere near the bottom very fine silica powder comes out. It's probably something like this process though that is not the company I work for.

And that very fine silica powder gets everywhere. Every horizontal surface in the control room which was not in regular use was covered in it. ...with the result that after I swapped the new PC for the old one, my fingers looked like I'd been outside on a brutally cold winter day with no gloves on. The skin was dry as could be.

Amazing stuff, though--the process, I mean. A lot of big machines involved in making that stuff.

* * *

"As you read that botched prose, dripping with elitist condescension, remember that Matt Yglesias went to Harvard."

* * *

Pixy Misa talks about the new federal law, COPPA, which is meant to protect the privacy of children on-line.

The thing is, when it comes to YouTube, the people who make and post the videos are not the ones serving the ads and collecting the information. YouTube is the party that's doing all that. Which is what it means when Pixy says, "YouTube is violating COPPA." (Emphasis his.)

* * *

This is bad news. It's bad news if the vaccine turns out not to have worked. It is worse news if the victim has previously had the disease and survived it.

I mean, if you lived through a smallpox infection, you were guaranteed immune to it from then on. Apparently ebola isn't so easy.

* * *

Apparently Bloomberg is "wildly unpopular" which is something I do not find terribly surprising.

* * *

Democrat congresscritters in vulnerable seats really, really do not want to vote on impeaching President Trump, one way or another. Voting to "censure" him is easy, but the impeachment thing is wildly unpopular, and getting moreso every time the Democrats pull another "heads we win, tails you lose" scheme out of their poxy asses.

I said this was going to happen. I told them that impeaching Trump could only hurt them.

I'm really glad they don't listen to me.

* * *

I was right about that firmware error in HP SSDs. Signed integer variable.

* * *

CNN is now the least-trusted news source.

* * *

Eliminating noise from LIGO using a clever trick.

* * *

Autoplay warning, the Mach Effect may be real. Which means reactionless propulsion of spacecraft.

* * *

As for me, I'm pretty beat and don't really feel up to much. Long day. And the good news is, tomorrow will be longer and more difficult! Plus side of that is that the rest of the week should be downhill from there.

"Downhill" as in "easier and more fun" not "everything goes to shit at ever-faster speeds".


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