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#6955: The real-world economic indicators

UPS is having a record-setting year this holiday season. Quoth Brickmuppet:
I've been an employee at U.P.S. for 27 years. In all that time I've never seen a Christmas like this one. I've seen it get heavy, but I'd never seen every day for over a week be higher than our peak day last year, nor heard the belts grinding from too much volume all day for three days. I have never, ever, until Tuesday, seen a 53 foot trailer come onto our lot bulging like a can with botulism. The other day one of the drivers from one of the big sort hubs came in to help after dropping off a load. He said that the hub was so packed that it took him 25 minutes to get from the bay door where the trailer was parked to the guard shack at the gate.
There is, admittedly, a lot of Amazon volume in that surfeit of packages, but it's not all of the reason.

Maybe people are just ordering more stuff on-line. I don't trust what the people on TV say about retailers, because the mainstream media has demonstrated it will lie about everything it possibly can to make President Trump look bad, so I've got no good data against which to compare.

And if you think I am exaggerating when I say that, just remember that while the media was going apeshit over Trump's "grab her by the pussy" remark, they were also covering up anything to do with Jeffrey Epstein.

* * *

When we bought our Christmas tree last night the guy at the lot told us that there was a shortage, which was why he only had two types of tree. But we paid the same amount we have for the last three years from that lot: $50, and I tipped him $10 for cutting the bottom 1" of trunk off, and tying it to the Jeep's roof for me, so this year (same as last year and the one before) our tree cost $60.

"Consumers this year will have to choose between paying for a tree and or paying their phone bill," the article complains, SIC. If you're so low on cash that you're having to decide whether to pay a utility bill or buy a Christmas decoration--well, they make some very nice-looking artificial trees that are not at all expensive; in my apartment in Cedar Rapids I had one that I paid maybe $30 or $40 for, in 1998, and it was fine. I agree that an artificial tree is not as festive, but there are advantages to them nonetheless.

Anyway, high prices this year will lead to low prices in a handful of years as people try to get into the lucrative Christmas tree business.

* * *

Speaking of supply and demand, did you know that diamonds are actually very common rocks? The only reason diamonds are expensive stems from the fact the supply is very tightly controlled--or it used to be. They're not as common as gravel, but if they were sold at the rate they were found they would not cost nearly as much as they do.

* * *

Nightmare warning.

Coming to you from somewhere within the Uncanny Valley, it's Hillary Clinton's NEW FACE!.

"The uncanny valley hypothesis predicts that an entity appearing almost human will risk eliciting cold, eerie feelings in viewers," which is a polite way of saying it will scare the shit out of you, and which quite nicely describes how I feel when I look at that picture of Hillary Clinton. It looks like a bad Photoshop job.

Then again, "an entity appearing almost human" pretty well described Hillary Clinton before the plastic surgery, so I guess the only real difference here is that now, the new and improved Hillary Clinton 2.0 model has smoother skin at the expense of realism, moving her closer to the "where the hell is my holy water and crucifix?" part of the curve.

* * *

Cleric: Turn undead! Turn undead! Why isn't it working?

Dungeon Master: Sorry, dude. Her level's too high.

* * *

Family, faith, and country are the three pillars that support a civilization of free people who are self-reliant.

That's why leftism is always attacking those three things. The left hates the self-reliant. It hates anyone who does not depend on government. And so?

It attacks family by legalizing gay marriage and pushing promiscuity and out-of-wedlock births and substituting goverment money for a working father.

It attacks faith through constant denigration and erosion of religion, and by forcing the faithful to do things forbidden by their faith.

It attacks country with unfettered immigration and constant derision of patriotism.

And the goal is to replace those three things with love of the state. So that your religion is the left, your family is the left, and your country is the left.

* * *

Boris Johnson's overwhelming victory in England is the second sign the Democrats should heed, not the first. The first was, of course, Donald Trump's election to President of the United States.

This British rout appears to have followed many of the same tropes that America's 2016 election did.

That last link contains a good quote: "Don't try to speak rationally to radical leftists. They are hopelessly delusional." Well, of course they are! They couldn't be radical leftists if they weren't.

* * *

You may get a slap on the wrist in Cook County. It's too bad for you if you don't consider the possibility that the penalties for theft might be higher elsewhere.

Too bad for you, but hilariously funny for the rest of us.

* * *

Especially because, when I think about it, I just know these five women are all incredulous that the police are arresting them and they can't just call a lawyer and get out of jail right away.

"It waddn't never like this before!" That's because you were in Cook County, which is a leftist shithole run by delusional idiots.

* * *

Geeze-louise, it's 1:20 PM on a murky day so it feels like it's almost five. WTF.

Slept until about 11:30 AM (after going to bed about 2, and then being up for about an hour in the middle of the night) and awoke not sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to sleep more, but I wanted to get up; ultimately the latter won.

Mrs. Fungus wanted me to make almond crescents; we compromised and I'll make pecan crescents, assuming I can find Mom's recipe. When she made them, they came out crispy and light and delicious; here's hoping I can do the same.

Still haven't tried the stand mixer, so you know I need to--but we've got a conifer to festoon and I need to get the lights and ornaments down from the attic. And I have to do A and B and C and D and E this weekend, as well.


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