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#6957: It's pretty chilly all right

Around freezing, but I needed to change the oil in Mrs. Fungus' car.

Had another gander at the Jeep's exhaust and I think I can repair it properly for about $70 worth of parts and a few hours in the cold. That'd be a new muffler and tailpipe, mostly muffler--I could get a cheaper muffler but the cheaper one doesn't have the mounting flange that the stock one does.

We'll see. I'm not doing it tonight. Tonight I--once I've warmed up from changing the oil--will go back outside with coat hanger wire and try to wire the thing up again. *sigh*

* * *

How much wishful thinking can you cram into one two minute and twenty-one second YouTube video? Turns out to be about 19 months' worth.

* * *

"We will make sure we put world leaders against the wall" if they don't do something about climate change.

Got to love the left. Their answer to every problem is murdering people.
That has always been the logic of the Left. Exterminate some minority in order to make the majority thrive.

German National Socialists thought that executing the Jews, Roma, and Communists would make Germany flourish.

The Soviets thought purging the Kulaks and Capitalists would make the Russian working class thrive.

Pol Pot shot one million Cambodians and worked another million to death in the killing fields to try and make Cambodia into a worker’s paradise.

Castro and Che killed or tortured tens of thousands of land-owning Cubans for the same reason.

Socialism always fails, because it is impossible to kill and torture a country into economic prosperity.
Yes, in this case it's little Greta, the goose-stepping eco-nazi who sailed from Europe to the US on a very expensive sailing yacht (with an enormous carbon footprint) to harangue us about climate change.

* * *

I suppose that the group calling itself "Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting" (FAIR) still insists that the American press has a right-wing bias. Have not heard much in the way about FAIR for quite a while, though I haven't gone out of my way to check in on them, either.

Point is, though, that through the Obama years and into the Trump Presidency we've seen that the media are no longer trying very hard to pretend they are not all left-wing. There is still some lip service to being "impartial" but it's reflexive. "Why, of course we're impartial about the news we report on, but OH HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THAT TRUMP GETS TWO SCOOPS OF ICE CREAM WHEN HIS GUESTS ONLY GET ONE *ahem* an impartial media is essential to the functioning of a democracy, and GEEEEEZE LOOK AT HOW BIG THOSE SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS ARE IT'S SOME KIND OF POWER-EGO-TRIP...."

Stories which would have been considered inconsequential and even a bit lame during the Nixon administration somehow are the evening's hottest news in the Trump administration.

Let's face it, though. Nixon was one of them. They hated him (because he was one of the guys that got Alger Hiss, the communist spy) but he was still in the club. Nixon was one of the GOP elites, a member of the country club, a moderate Republican. His mistake was trying to cover up the Watergate break in; that's what the Democrats were going to impeach him for. What he should have done is to throw the burglars under the bus: "I have no idea who these men are and if they committed a crime it's on them," and so forth. That might not have saved his presidency, though, considering how many oxen his policies were goring and that there had been a solid Democrat majority in both houses of Congress for decades.

Still: as much as they hated Nixon they didn't complain about his desserts or his salt shakers.

* * *

Oh, this is just so fucking typical. New York City has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country, so what are they going to start doing?
Offenders found in possession of a wide array of weapons--including guns, switchblades, swords, machetes, and stun guns--will instead be issued a "desk appearance ticket" and "set free," the New York City Police Benevolent Association (PBA) pointed out in a Facebook post on Tuesday.
In other words, if you're caught with an illegal firearm in NYC, they're going to give you a citation and release you on your own recognizance. You'll still be arrested and booked, but then you get a piece of paper, and you're back on the street.

There's not enough violent crime for the left's purposes in the big cities, so they're doing this (cloaking it in "compassion") in order to ensure more happens. After all, you can't get the populace to clamor for gun control unless there's a lot of gun crime, right?

It's so typical: enact draconian laws, then fail to enforce them, so that you can call for even stricter laws. And the people who are maimed or killed in the meantime? Omelets, eggs, you know--they're just proles, anyway. It's not like it's anyone important or anything.

* * *

Anyway, the coming week is the week which leads up to Christmas weekend, and I'm going to have to hit the mall for shopping purposes. Simultaneously anticipating and dreading it, but it ought to be okay.

And I want to bake more cookies. I keep thinking about pecan tarts (what my family called "nut cups") which are incredibly delicious) but they're also a heck of a lot of work. You need to make dough for the crust, and then you need to spread the dough into the tart tin (think "muffin tin" but with smaller cups, and eight of them) and then you need to make filling and put the filling into the dough. Bake. Cool. Try not to eat the entire batch at one sitting. They're kind of like tiny pecan pies, actually, but not as tongue-numbingly sweet.

I haven't had any since 2011. Mom made them a couple weeks before she died, and that batch was the last time I had 'em. I couldn't bring myself to eat the last half-dozen or so. *sigh*

Anyway, I bought the mixer for a reason, and baking holiday cookies was a big part of that, so I expect I'll make peanut butter cookies (the way my wife likes them, with the Hershey's kisses on top) and oatmeal cookies at the very least.


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