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#6958: Everyone seemed nice

Went to the store and it seemed like everyone there was in a good mood. Well, why not? Christmas is coming!

...ended up doing most of my Christmas shopping on Amazon this year, because I have Prime already and free shipping and it's easier and faster than going to the mall. I still have to go to the mall for certain things but I'll spend less time there. Works for me.

One of the things I bought at the store tonight, however, was a jar of peanut butter and a big bag of Hershey's kisses, because peanut butter cookies. Heh.

Probably not tonight, though, because I was inexplicably dragging ass all day. Went to bed last night at 11:30 and woke up at 12:30 certain it was about 5:30--and when I saw the numbers on the clock, I was positive there'd been some kind of power failure or something, because no way was it only 12:30!

But it was. Hit the can, had a snack, and the other clocks confirmed the time. Went back to bed and then woke up at 2:30...and again at 5:30. *sigh* At least the sleep intervals got longer.

Did manage to close a few tickets today, but mostly I was working on advancing tickets and trying to find solutions for some problems.

* * *

Wonderduck reminds us that today is Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya day.

In the movie I was greatly amused by the scene where Haruhi is asking everyone about their plans for Christmas Eve, and she gets to Yuki Nagato last:
Haruhi: Yuki!

Yuki: Nai. ("No," meaning "I have nothing planned")

Haruhi: Kimeta! (It's settled!)

Kyon: Hayai! (That was too fast!)
I don't remember it exactly because I've only seen it one time, but the flow of the conversation went approximately like that--bang-bang-bang. Naturally, Haruhi did not ask Kyon what his plans were.

It's really not a Christmas show. I've got several anime episodes which are Christmas-themed but I haven't bothered with Christmas anime in about a decade (or more) because I know the eps by heart and have better things to do with my time.

* * *

Two Democrats have defected rather than vote for or against impeachment as Democrats because they come from contested districts and can read the writing on the wall.

This is, to borrow a phrase, a big fucking deal, because as I mentioned lo these many months ago impeaching Trump is a major league losing proposition for Democrats. Since when did I become that smart?

You know, at least part of it must be the fact that I've spent part of my middle-aged years making a very casual study of history, and further have used that knowledge to write a science fiction story about the collapse of an interstellar republic. At some point, a reasonably intelligent person ought to be able to guess right about something in current events.

But then again, this was not that fricking difficult to predict, either. The desperation of the "deep state" could not be more obvious if the Democrats were all out there covered in flop sweat; the daily "bombshell" reports and the bloviating and the hyperventilating and the constant drumbeat of "racist hater bigot nazi" crap made it plain that they wanted to get rid of Trump on any possible pretext, but the "Russian collusion" was so obviously a complete absence of anything that it just never got any traction. The issue simply did not resonate with voters--at all--and by continuing to harp on it, the Democrats made manifest their intentions more than two years ago.

Trump is very popular. The Democrats don't believe that's a problem; after all Nixon won re-election with an unprecedented landslide and they still managed to get rid of him. But the Democrats in 1974 had two things they do not have now: total control of both houses of congress and total control of the narrative.

In 1974 there was no alternative to the mainstream media. You got your news from CBS-NBC-ABC-NYT, end of list, and every night the news was a constant drone of "Nixon-Watergate-Criminal-Losing-Vietnam-Quagmire". A consistent and unending stream of negative news stories about Richard Nixon and the Vietnam war--and it had an effect, because there was nothing in the news that was positive for Richard Nixon. So by the time of his resignation, he was about as popular as toenail fungus.

But that hasn't worked with Trump. There are two reasons: first, alternate information channels have completely demolished the ability of the mainstream media to control the narrative. Talk radio and the Internet, in that order, weaned people off the steady diet of CBS-NBC-ABC-NYT pablum and taught them that there's more to the story than what those guys are telling us.

Second, because the media squandered what credibility they had left pushing Obama. People knew things were going on but the media wasn't covering those stories ("Fast and Furious" being just one example) and when it came to covering Republicans the bias became blatantly obvious. It was a serious turn-off for everyone but the die-hard left.

The traditional media is dying because they've wasted their credibility and dropped even the pretense of impartiality. (Fox News isn't even remotely right-wing--it's moderate--but the Democrats treat it like the Antichrist because it's not hard left like everyone else in the media are.) And because it's dying, it's lost control of the narrative. Oh, it still has influence on it, to be sure, but the very fact that after three years of "ORANGE MAN BAD" stories from the press he's as popular as ever--and if the media had control of the narrative, that wouldn't be the case.

And to some people it was obvious all along.

And the Democrats don't control both houses of Congress. They've got enough votes in the House of Representatives to impeach the President--at least for the moment--and it's looking increasingly likely that they'll actually go ahead and do it. They think that if they impeach him, it will negatively impact his chances for re-election, and he'll end up losing the 2020 election, and the fact that they don't have the votes to convict and remove him from office will be moot.

Except for one problem.

Impeachment is an entirely political process, and it doesn't work against popular Presidents. It especially doesn't work when the media is not a unicameral echo chamber to which a good forty percent of the electorate has simply stopped listening.

And so we have Democrat representatives who are from vulnerable districts and who know that if they vote to impeach Trump they will lose in 2020, but whom also cannot vote against impeachment because the Democrat party will crush them for being disloyal. Two of them have gone "independent". How many more will before Wednesday's vote?

* * *

Related: Adam Schiff, who spearheaded the investigation committee, is shouted down by protestors at his own town hall meeting. Heh.

* * *

ANd, by the way, Eric Holder is complaining about "nakedly partisan" investigations. Because while all this impeachment foo-raw is going on, there is a hell of a lot of other investigations taking place--and if even one-tenth of my suspicions are correct, it's going to make Watergate look like a freaking tea party.

* * *

Greta Thurnberg got busted! Posted a picture of herself on twiddle sitting in a vestibule with luggage next to her, crying about "overcrowded trains". IN response to that twiddle, the german rail company said,
It would have been even nicer if you had also reported how friendly and competent you were looked after by our team at your seat in first class.
In other words, the picture is pure propaganda. It's nothing but a fake, staged, sham of a photo-op. She was traveling first class and they do not make first class ticketholders sit on the floor.

Meanwhile she tried to walk back what she said about executing people for not fixing climate change. Quoth Ace:
Even if there is such a phrase in Swedish, is this little communist revolutionary claiming she doesn't know the English meaning of "put them up against the wall?"

The thing is, this isn't the first time she's expressed extremist political views and then lied about it.
You see, this is "alternative media" in action. In 1974 no one would ever have heard about her advocating executions and wearing antifa paraphernalia.

Trying so hard to look like a poor downtrodden prole when in fact she's a commissar.

* * *

This is just incoherent. The CEO of Hewlett-Packard thinks that Trump should be impeached but not removed.

...if you think a President should be impeached, I'm pretty sure that means you think he's done something, committed a "high crime or misdemeanor" while in office. Bill Clinton lied under oath before a federal grand jury; that's why he was impeached. Nixon--Watergate. You know.

Well, that's not my problem.

* * *

270 days this year without a sunspot. That makes 2019 officially the deepest solar minimum year of the space age.

And the actual minimum doesn't take place until April, more or less. +/- six months, so it could already have occurred, or might not occur until October of next year.

* * *

Canadian government conveniently omitted a century's worth of climate data from computer models in order to demonstrate global warming. Because reality isn't matching their desires, the global warming crowd has to make shit up. They dumped actual real data and substituted data from another climate model.

Borepatch says it best: "At this point, everyone who ever said the words Republican War on Science unironically can just sit down in the back of the room. Grownups are talking."

* * *

Boeing is shutting down production of the 737 MAX8. They haven't managed to fix it yet, and it's going to take quite a bit of fixing to make it as safe as Boeing pretended it was when they forged the FAA's signature on the certification papers.

* * *

So at least one store no longer prosecutes shoplifting in Chicago. Isn't that lovely? How long will they stay in business? Or, how high will their prices go? Or both?

Let's face it: because the political establishment won't prosecute theft any longer, there's going to be a hell of a lot more of it.

* * *

And speaking of leftist utopia, the Virginia state government is going to crack down on "sanctuary counties". They're going to send the National Guard to forcefully disarm people who don't comply with the laws.

Once again, Democrats showing what they really want to do:

That's really all there is to it.

* * *

Notice please that the American press is not covering the problems that France is having with its socialized medical system.

France is out of money and can't pay the medical bills for its population. So much for, "there's always money," quoth Elizabeth "Fauxcahontas" Warren.

* * *

So, it's mid-December and the Toji Beach cam is still running. Still hoping to sit here on Christmas Day and look at the waves on my favorite beach in Japan. If I ever get to go to Japan I hope I can spend just a couple pleasant hours there.

* * *

Snowed last night. We got a bit more than an inch. It'll be gone before Christmas, though, and there's no more precipitation in the forecast. Oh well!

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