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#6960: Whew! That was something else!

I was cudgeling my brain trying to think of a Christmas vignette this year, again. The idea that became the story I posted yesterday was something that had percolated around the periphery for some time.

Arthur C. Clarke had a short story where an alien race's sun went supernova, and it turned out to be the Star of Bethelehem. In that story it was pretty well implicit that God had set everything up so that the timing was exact. Maybe kind-of anti-religion, in that "God is capricious and doesn't mind exterminating an entire race for special effects".

As I think was pretty obvious, in my story, it's the opposite. When Christ is born it's to the benefit of all sapient creatures, not just mankind.

I could have made a big story out of this, by going into detail on how Ooord''Nik was changed by his experience, and what happened in the galaxy afterward, and in fact was sorely tempted to...but then it wouldn't be a Christmas vignette. I think it's pretty clear what happened in the story, anyway.

So, let's repost the list of the prior Christmas vignettes, just in case someone is reading who never saw them:

2019, The Nativity.

2018, "Jezebel".

2017, "Only in a Jeep."

2016, "Outpost".

2015, "Wrapping Paper".

2013, "Christmas Dinner".

2011, "Another Christmas Interlude".

2009, "The Sleigh Race".

Of these, only the one from 2011 was not written expressly as a blog post but copied and pasted from a novel of mine. The one from 2009 was written from some ideas I'd had for my semi-abortive manga Chicory but I'd never done any real plotting or anything prior to writing it--just some studies for the costumes the characters would wear.

As for this story, though, I didn't mean it as some kind of lame "answer" to Clarke's story or anything. Writing an "answer" to a story you find unsatisfactory is strictly a leftist thing, done solely from political spite, and the result ends up being an inferior piece of fiction. I've never read Clarke's story, but as I understand the premise I'm not offended by it and I don't feel it needs an "answer". This story is simply an alternate tack, a different view, starting from a similar premise.

If anyone has a link to Clarke's story, I wouldn't mind reading it.

* * *

Anyway, that's the vignette this year, and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

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