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#6963: Sending things into space is hard.

Boeing's Starliner can't go to the ISS today. I do find it just a bit amusing, considering Boeing's bloviations about getting to Mars before SpaceX.

Apparently there was a problem with a timer and the second stage didn't know that the first stage had fired, so instead of getting boosted into an orbit that could get it to the ISS, Starliner is instead in a lower makeshift orbit which required the expending of maneuvering fuel to stabilize.

I note here that when SpaceX was doing exactly the same test with Dragon that Boeing is doing with Starliner, they didn't have any problems.

* * *

Second City Cop talks some more about the wholesale looting of retail stores taking place because shoplifting isn't being treated as a serious crime any longer.

* * *

Brexit is now slated to take place January 31.

* * *

I got home from work and just collapsed. I will admit that I had "holiday fever" pretty bad today, but I closed another handful of tickets--my incident queue is down to 8 tickets--and did some things I've been putting off doing for lack of time. But I still spent a lot of time just sitting today, and I found myself nodding off a couple of times.

When I got to work this morning, there were a bare handful of vehicles in the west lot. When I left to go get lunch, there were fewer because several people had taken half-days today. The office was largely deserted. I had a machine to image and had a couple of minor tasks to attend to in the server room; other than that, I remoted into a machine to install an application but otherwise did very, very little. I decided to leave exactly two minutes before my designated quitting time because I had had enough of doing nothing whatsoever.

But I'm not going to get any cookies baked tonight, let me tell you. Mrs. Fungus wanted to go out for dinner, so we did that; and having eaten dinner I am not inclined to do much else. Maybe do a little WoW before bed.


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