atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6964: I have the same feelings everyone else does.

Just not interested in seeing "The Rise of Skywalker". "The Last Jedi" was the first--the very, very first--Star Wars movie that I did not see in the theater, and when I did finally see it, I was glad I had not spent the money, because ye cats.

This spoiler-laden review does not tempt me to change my already-made decision to wait for free viewing of "Rise of Skywalker", because ye cats. In fact, I read the review knowing of the spoilers because I just don't care any longer.

That is how far the entire franchise has fallen.

* * *

ACLU has its panties in a bunch over "disproportionate" traffic stops. Here's the thing: when you have a demographic which has assumed disobedience of the law as a tenet of its culture, it means the police will have a lot more interactions with that demographic than with the demographic which obeys the law more often.

Okay, if black people commit more crimes of every type, it's not racist to cite or arrest them.

And what the hell does the ACLU have to do with this issue, anyway? Except, of course, that the ACLU has always been a left-wing organization and the left hates the police.

* * *

1700 miles of highway in the Alaskan wilderness, in about 2/3 of a year. Yet San Francisco has taken twenty years to build a bus lane 3.1 kilometers long.


* * *

Played some WoW last night, the first serious session in about a week. Ormusia hit 50th level while doing Sunken Temple, and it was the first time I ever got near the end boss fight in the original version of that instance.

* * *

Anyway, it's time to go get started on CHRISTMASING which--as an adult--means shopping and cooking and stressing, all to the tune of classic songs!


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