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#6966: Guess I need to get moving

Went to bed later than anticipated, but fell awake around 11-ish, feeling well-rested. I have a short shopping list of materials I must buy for cookies and the Christmas feast.

Also going to try to finish off at least some of my last-minute shopping, currently scheduled for tomorrow.

Let's get on with the blog post so I can do the other stuff. Yesterday--I had a lovely, lovely day yesterday and wouldn't change how it went for any reason but I finished baking cookies at midnight, and only gave up then because I was out of brown sugar and eggs.

* * *

There are two ways to read this article based entirely on whether or not you read the last few paragraphs.

First up, let's take it seriously and skip them. And so, the housing projects return, this time for "the homeless". I say "housing projects" but in fact "government-built ghetto" is probably more accurate. My mind reels with images of what the place will look (and smell) like, assuming San Francisco ever manages to build the thing.

Look: California can't add a bus lane to a one-mile stretch of road in under two decades. They spent billions of dollars on that idiotic High Speed Fail Track to Nowhere only to give up after it went so far over budget that Trump pulled the plug on further federal funding for the stupid thing.

And really, $3 billion? No, it won't be less than $12 billion after all the graft and corruption and legal fees and ecological nonsense are added to the mix. And from where does the money come to provide all the goods and services this place will provide for "the homeless"?

But if you read the article the other way it becomes obvious what this really is. The guy has started a "GoFundMe" for $50,000 to pay his own bills which he neglected to pay for this or that reason.

Gee, what a surprise that is.

* * *

Speaking of shocking news, another mass shooting on Chicago's south side! Of course the Chicago police spokesman says this is an "isolated incident" but there were at least two shooters and it was smack dab in the middle of gang territory, because of course it was.

"A shocking 80.5% of the shooting victims and or homicides this year have been of African Americans," the article says, but it's not shocking at all because most of the gangs in Chicago are black and 95% of the violence in Chicago comes from 5% of the population.

By the way, Chicago hit 500 murders just a day or two ago, so that "497" figure is out of date.

* * *

Might be a bit late for your "ugly sweater" contest. I have to wonder how well that meme will be going this time next year?

* * *

Color me shocked! Oh, who could have imagined that the glorious socialist workers' paradise of China is a place where slave labor is employed? Why don't you people understand how lovely communism is??????

* * *

having retroactively made Dumbledore gay won't save JK Rowling from the trans-gestapo. That was an inevitable development. It didn't have to be JK Rowling; it could have been any famous person. But someone, somewhere, was going to say that despite the Emperor's fervent delusions about being female, he's still got a penis and testicles and an X chromosome, and that makes him biologically male.

But further on, we have another story about a transsexual's grand delusion of femininity:
It was a battle for Jaden Fields to even get the appointment. When he, a trans man, tried to make arrangements with a gynecologist's office, he was met with disrespect and disbelief. So much so that his primary care provider had to make the appointment for him. When he arrived at the office, he was dismissed, misgendered by the staff and eventually had the police called on him.
The reason a woman needs a pap smear stems entirely from the fact that it's a diagnostic test designed to screen for uterine cancer. That is to say, it looks for cancerous cells from the uterus. The uterus is an organ unique to female physiology; there is absolutely no equivalent organ in men.

But let's say you're a man who has gone through all the hormone treatments and had the various plastic surgeries and you have had your testicles removed and your penis mutilated and turned inside out and so forth, so that you have a surgically-created vulva which is (at least to a casual observer) absolutely indistinguishable from a biological female's vulva. Let's further stipulate that a biological male might well have sex with you without ever discovering that you were once a man, so cunningly successful was the sex-change operation.


You won't have a uterus, which means you will not menstruate, and you most certainly will not be at any risk--at any risk at all, whatsoever, of ever getting uterine cancer.

The best surgeon in the world cannot give you one, no matter what you call the operation: sex change, gender reassignment, gender confirmation, whatever. No matter what you do, no matter how much money you pay, the technology simply does not exist to give you an actual female body. The absolute best modern medicine can do is to give you a male body which has been altered to simulate a female body.

And I would bet money that this "Jaden Fields" still has all the "fruits and vegetables" God gave him, if you know what I mean. So if you go to a doctor who specializes in female anatomy and you've got nothing but male anatomy, and the doctor tells you to get out because you're wasting his time, that's not "misgendering" and it's not a violation of your civil rights and most of all it's not a case of "systemic oppression", as much as your commie friends insist it is.


It's just as delusional as that guy in Canada, insisting that female hair removal technicians wax his "female penis and testicles".

* * *

Gerard Van ger Luen's "Gift of the WalMagi" is a perennial favorite around here.

I was thinking about that statistic I cited the other day, how there are 12 wars taking place on the planet right now, and of them, 11 are islamic people killing other islamic people over this or that bit of "theology" (being generous there) and only one is people fighting over something other than that.

Stop and think about it. There is one war taking place that is not muslims killing each other in job lots. Why is that? Why is the world, generally speaking, at peace like this?

The main reason stems from the fact that war is bad for business. The entire human race is gradually drifting away from war. It still happens and it's still horrifying when it does, but the simple fact is that in 1945 we developed a weapon so terrible that we've bent over backwards not to fight big, unlimited wars. The Bomb forced us to find other solutions.

And in the wake of that, what? Ships of containerized freight move goods and materials all over the world. In 1942 the Japanese were an implacable foe; in 2019 they're an essential trading partner. As bad a place as China is--and I will be the first to say it is!--if the current trend is not disturbed, the totalitarian communist government there cannot endure. China's people will be free.

And only then, by the way, will China become an economic powerhouse that can challenge the United States' capitalist economy.

President Trump has been in office for a bit shy of three years and in that time the reforms he's enacted have been enough to take the shackles off our economy.
One of these recruiters despises the economy; as a partner in a recruiting firm, he is seeing his revenues plummet to historic lows because he can't find good candidates. Many of his clients are long-done with trying to find CEOs and CFOs: he's desperately trying to find forklift drivers and mail-room workers. There are none to be found. He told us that he joked to a business owner that perhaps the candidates would need to be "active felons," to which the owner shrugged and asked if he could manage that. The owner was serious.

Alas, when he is lucky to find a candidate for a client, there’s no guarantee the candidate will stay. He's had some quit after a couple hours…because another recruiter call the candidate on his cell and offered more per hour.

Another recruiter we know said, at this point, if he calls a candidate at home and that candidate answers, he's inclined to hang up immediately: if you can't get a job in this economy, there's probably a reason no one will hire you and he'll quickly determine what you're problem is.
There is competition for workers again. That always leads to rising wages and a better standard of living for everyone. This is good--outstanding--news.

Want to know why the Democrats impeached President Trump? Well, "it's the economy, stupid." If the economy were as shitty now as it was in 2014, say, they wouldn't need to impeach him. But because the economy is good? They don't have anything they can use against him, and so they needed to invent something.

* * *

Tomorrow is Monday, but I took the day off in order to score a 5-day weekend. I do not expect there to be much in the way of IT work cropping up, anyway, since most of the people I support will similarly be taking time off from work.

Me, I'm going to throw myself into holiday prep and enjoyment with wild abandon. Baking up a storm here in the bunker, enabled entirely by the KitchenAid mixer. What a great investment that thing was!

With this thing, the hardest part of making nut cups is dividing the crust dough and pressing it into those mini-muffin tin cups.

Jewel had a sale on pans, buy 2 get 1 free. I grabbed the mini-muffin tin first; then thought another cookie sheet would be good--and after realizing the sale, would have grabbed another cookie sheet if they'd had one that size. They didn't, though, so I foolishly grabbed a 13x9 pan. Should have got another mini-muffin pan because I'm not sure where I put the ones I inherited from Mom. Oh well!

Tell you what: my old system for baking cookies is to have one pan in the oven and one "loading" or cooling. Adding a third to that system leaves you with one baking, one cooling, one loading (or waiting to go in) and it actually makes the process easier and faster and less work overall. I use parchment paper exclusively for baking cookies, which means dough never touches metal, which means the pans themselves do not need to be washed. Baking the oatmeal cookies was effortless with the mixer and the three-sheet rotation.

And parchment paper is the shit for baking cookies. I am telling you: once you line your cookie sheets with it, you will never go back, except under protest. The same goes for the stand mixer.

* * *

I suppose the sooner I get moving, the sooner I get back. Still, it's tempting to sit here and relax on a Sunday.

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