atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6967: I'm just filibustering now

Should go to bed, have to be up at 10, but don't want to.

After the last post I got myself together and went shopping--and, to my surprise, was able to get everything on my list without having to drive outside the Fungal Vale. Finished my shopping, got tins for cookies, even managed to find a new cassette adapter so I can play music from my MP3 player through the boom box.

After getting home, and after a nap, I got into the kitchen. Whipped up a batch of spinach dip for my wife's office pot luck tomorrow; baked and decorated sugar cookies, and then finished the cookies off as I started: by making pecan crescents.

So, I made:
Pecan crescents (2x)
Pecan tarts
Oatmeal raisin cookies
Toffee bars
Peanut butter cookies
Sugar cookies
I had fun baking them, too. Verdict on the stand mixer? "Well worth what I paid for it."

The only thing left now is to procure a caramel pecan silk supreme pie and two slices of lemon meringue, for which I do not have to drive very far. I was originally going to get Cinnabons, but to get them I must go either to Merrilville or Orland Park; I decided that I've got better ways to spend my day tomorrow than making a trip specifically to buy cinnamon rolls, so to heck with it.

Hoping that the 10" track sections I ordered Friday will arrive tomorrow. I do want to set up the Lionel train set, but I don't want to use the 30" straight sections--that ends up being too big. Wish I knew what I did with the missing two 10" straight sections that the layout originally had. (I did almost buy a couple of turnouts, but decided not to.)

I'll want to make a half-batch of turkey brine and get the breast section into it, but that can wait until tomorrow night since I won't be cooking the thing before Wednesday. And there's something interesting: I bought just the breast section of a turkey today, and it actually cost more than the whole 20 lb turkey did that we got for Thanksgiving!

* * *

Took out some trash, and looked up into the night sky. Although it's unseasonably warm, it was clear and the stars were vivid in the sky. Old Orion was close to zenith, as close as he gets, and I wondered if somewhere in the 640 lightyears between me and Betelgeuse there was a shockwave from the old thing going supernova and--if so--how close to me it was. There is literally no way we can know that, of course, not without some kind of FTL technology.

Mistook Sirius for Regulus and thought that I was seeing light emitted in 1935--but no, Sirius is about 8.6 lightyears away and I was, in fact, seeing light that was emitted in May of 2011. Procyon is above that, 11.45 lightyears distant, and the light from that star I saw tonight was emitted in about June of 2008. (About the time I was coming up with the idea for Chicory, that abortive manga series I mentioned in a prior post this week.)

* * *

Anyway I'd better stop filibustering and go to bed. 10 AM comes mighty early.

Well...comparatively early. Oh heck I don't know. Goodnight.

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