atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6969: Nice

Heh. 69 twice. Heh.

...been spending too much time looking at memes on Imgur. *sigh*

* * *

Went out and got pie; as a bonus, Baker's Square had cinnamon rolls, so I bought a couple. Did a little last-minute shopping at WalMart, just to pick up a couple of things and to get the whole "last minute vibe" thing. It's kind of fun to go out on the 23rd or 24th to pick up a couple little things.

Came home from that and wrapped presents for a couple hours. With that done I relaxed until Mrs. Fungus got home, by watching some Girls und Panzer, and then when that was over I went out and picked up some Chinese food, and we watched the Patrick Stewart version of Christmas Carol while we ate.

I made the cranberry salsa again, then tidied the kitchen while Mrs. Fungus wrapped a few gifts; and with all that done she's watching something-or-other and I'm here, relaxing.

For being a $7 no-name brand cassette adapter, it works pretty well! I plugged it into my phone and put the cassette into the old boom box, and it sounded good. So I was listening to the "Traditional Christmas" channel and wrapping presents and it was all good.

After it got dark, I dug out the LED candles I'd bought from Ace. They come four in a box and the box cost $10, and they each take two AA batteries. I put two of them in each window in the bedrooms and computer room, and they add a nice touch to the way the house looks. I also discovered that if I leave the porch light on, the wreath on our front door is nicely illuminated.

Anyway, just in time it's looking like we're ready for Christmas. Whew!

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