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#697: Prepare for trouble!

No, I'm not goig to discuss Pokemon. I'm just doing headlines again.

Your war films aren't fun, guys. Moviegoers, the article says, are shunning movies on Iraq becuase they see too much of it on TV.
Veteran television producer Steven Bochco, whose 2005 television series "Over There" about a platoon of soldiers fighting in Iraq ended after just one season, said it was hard to engage audiences in a "hugely unpopular war."
Okay, and now, here's the real reason: because people know they're not getting anything like the straight story out of Hollywood. People know that Hollywood has a leftist bias and the stories about Iraq coming from Hollywood are slanted and mangled in order to make sure the audiences get the point! that Bushitler's war is wrong! wrong!! WRONG!!!

The template for war movies has long been "war is hell, soldiers are screwed-up people who couldn't do anything else with their lives, and anyone in authority is a psychopath". The basic Apocalypse Now template--and whatever truth may lie within that template, it's not one you use if you want to have a war movie that people will want to see. Coppola did it with AN and got away with it because Coppola knew what he was doing--that template fit that story perfectly--but it does not fit every story about war, particularly one set in a war taking place 30 years after Vietnam.

If they instead made movies which showed American soldiers in the same light as, oh, the Space Marines in Aliens--and righteously killing bad guys--they just might have different results.

The vast right-wing conspiracy strikes again! This time, employees at a Maid-Rite in Toledo, Iowa, conspiring with Bushitler and Darth Cheney, claim that Hillary's campaign didn't tip them! Those liars! How dare they!

< /sarcasm > I've heard this kind of story too many times to think the Maid-Rite folks are lying about this. People in Iowa still take things like "honesty" and "integrity" seriously, a lot more than Hillary Clinton ever did. A lot of Democrats consider such things as tipping "beneath" them, and some of them apparently think so highly of themselves that their mindset is approximately, "I let you bask in the warmth of my physical presence while you waited on me. That should be enough reward for the likes of you, peasant!"

These people are only in Iowa because it's a crucial primary state. How often do these people go to Nebraska or Idaho or Wyoming? Those kinds of states are the worst of "flyover country", to them, because there aren't huge blocks of Democrat voters in those states; and so, they only hang around "flyover country" when there's an election they want to win. Otherwise, they stay in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, DC, and so on.

Here's a hint: if you are a powerful Democrat and you want to win the election, pay attention to details like this. It may "only" be a little thing to you, but it's a whopping big deal to people like those waitresses--and there are more waitresses out there than there are big powerful Democrats.

Taco Bell plays dirty pool. Okay, it's not the gigantic corporation, actually, it's a franchise owner who has 175 restaurants. At age 64 she got fired for bombing two reviews in a row, after working there 30 years.

That stinks. It stinks for many reasons, not the least of which is that she's one year away from retirement age...and I bet Border Foods doesn't want to pay any retirement benefits.
She says she felt she was being prepared to be pushed out.

"I was set up," she says flatly.

This summer, company supervisors put her on notice, criticizing her performance. She says company cost-cutting and the loss of experienced staff left her without resources to fix the problems.

Also at issue was Shilson's reluctance to vary her schedule in order to close the restaurant a couple of times a month. The Edina Taco Bell stays open until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, and Shilson says she was told before taking the job that she wouldn't have to close the place. But this summer, she was ordered to change her shifts. She declined.
That has "wrongful termination suit" written all over it....

Asinine atheist. "Let God make someone's leg grow back and prove He exists! Until He proves to me that He exists, I refuse to believe in Him!"

This moron completely misses the point of religion and overestimates his place in the cosmos.

Atheists have long used these kinds of challenges to "prove" that God doesn't exist. After all, they reason, if God is omnipotent, why can't He do one little thing that would irrefutably prove His existence?

Why? Because religion is about faith. Faith is believing even when there's no reason to believe, continuing to believe despite your doubts.

God gave us free will to choose Him, or not to choose Him--but if He proves that He exists, "faith" goes out the window and we lose our free will: if you know that God exists and that you will go to Hell after you die if you don't worship Him, can you reasonably choose not to worship Him?

Let's say that God establishes the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth tomorrow morning, say about 10-ish. How many people would continue to cling to their atheism past noon? How many people would curl into fetal balls, stick their fingers in their ears, and go "la la la la I can't hear you" while the angels sang?

This kind of "proof" is nothing but a straw man, and they issue such challenges because they damn well know that it's not going to happen. God won't save the most devout man from dying if he voluntarily jumps off a high-rise, not even if the poor sap has no other choice, because this is how God made the world. Life here only lasts "threescore and ten" and it's followed by an eternity in the afterlife--how we live here is very important but it is up to us to choose our paths.

God is under no obligation to us to prove anything. It's up to us to decide what we'll do.

This article kind-of speaks to the issue I discussed at the beginning of this post. And so this post has essentially come full circle. Ha, ha.

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