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#6977: Improvement

I don't remember when I went to bed--the sun was still up--but woke up after dark wanting some pasta. Had it with butter and garlic powder and parmesan cheese, and my stomach didn't get all blooty after I ate it. It's been doing that with everything: toast, soup, cookies, whatever I ate, low-residue or not, I'd start feeling nauseated after eating. But the pasta merely sated my hunger and now I just feel wiped out. Blowdown appears to have stopped as well.

Felt well enough to hook up one of the presents I gave Mrs. Fungus: a NES Classic Mini. It's one of those little nostalgia things, an emulator in a little box that looks like the original console but a lot smaller, containing a bunch of preloaded games. We spent some time fiddling with it, though I can't play 90% of console games because I lack the manual dexterity to push buttons at exactly the right instant. Super Mario Brothers, I lost two lives just trying to get past the first enemy.

She'd asked me explicitly for this for Christmas, so I got it for her. She likes it.

Anyway, I still feel like steamed cardboard, and I have very little endurance, but I believe I am able to function. I'll be going to work tomorrow, though I do not expect to be very efficient. Nothing like ending the year on a high note.

* * *

Turns out there is exactly one more extant volume of Komi Can't Communicate available to me. I was going to use the B&N gift card thoughtfully provided by my mother-in-law to buy more of it; well, one book turns out to be it. Volume 5 comes out in February. *sigh*

* * *

So, right after Thanksgiving I bought some battery-powered candles from Ace Hardware. They came 4 in a box for $10, and take 2 AA batteries each. What I did not know is that they have timers in them. Which is to say, I vaguely sort-of recalled something about timers in the ad copy, but I hadn't really paid any attention to it and hadn't set anything up, so I didn't think anything about it.

So here's what you do: about sunset you put batteries in them and screw on the caps. They then remain lit for eight hours, after which they quietly shut themselves off, wait about sixteen hours, and then turn on again.


I finally got around to putting batteries in them on the 23rd and put them in the windows; not knowing about the timer, I manually shut them off at bedtime on the 23rd and then didn't power them on again until about sunset on Christmas Eve. About 1 AM Christmas Day, when I saw that they'd gone out I was dismayed--they used up the batteries that fast?--but a quick check showed the batteries to be fine, so I looked at the box and that was when I discovered that the timer feature was entirely automatic.

Since then, they've been automatically doing their thing, and have lasted several days on one set of cheap alkaline batteries. So, for $20 invested, I have nice flickery candles in the windows that do their thing 100% automatically and which aren't a fire hazard like AC-powered C4 bulb-type candles would be.

* * *

Saw an ad on Faceboob for a laser rust removal tool, a snip at $169. Of course I reported the ad as "false or misleading". Those tools cost tens of thousands of dollars about a year ago; while I expect them to come down in price, dropping two or three orders of magnitude in a year is just a bit unlikely.

Another ad for the same thing cropped up and I ignored it.

A previous ad showed some kind of ride-on mini-trencher, a thing with an engine and hydraulics and caterpillar treads, which could move under its own power, for the same ridiculously low price, from the same company. I didn't bite on that one, either.

Today's ad is "weld non-ferrous metals!" but what they're actually doing there is brazing or soldering, not welding. If you're using a propane torch, unless you're working with pewter or some other metal with a relatively low melting point, you're not welding.

At least this one's closer to reality, though, because all those "weld aluminum with a propane torch!" products are like that.

* * *

Been rainy yesterday and today, and believe me I'm just as happy it's not snow. If it were, we'd be under feet of the stuff by now, and I just can't cope with that at the moment.

* * *

Hard to believe only a few days of 2019 remain, though.

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