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#6978: It's complicated! It's nuanced!

Whatever it is, it's definitely not an anti-semitic hate crime committed by a black man who's a recent convert to islam or anything!!!

The Southern Poverty Law Center, which is always ready to blame white supremacy any time a white guy looks funny at a minority, is "oddly silent" about a black muslim taking a machete to Jews.

The real problem is, of course, white supremacy and Donald Trump. That's why a black muslim walked into a Hanukkah celebration with a machete and started hacking.

And look at this one.
Just to be clear, I hold the Trump White House directly responsible for the increasing violent attacks on Orthodox Jewish people in America. It should be clear now that exceptionalizing Jews- whether in a negative or positive light- endangers us and keeps us forever at risk.
...goes the tweet from a complete fucking retard, embedded in that post in its entirety.

So, saying good things about Jewish people feeds anti-semitism. Got it?

Funny how an obviously black-and-white situation becomes "massively complicated" when it runs counter to the left's preferred narrative.

* * *

I wish China and Russia "good luck". Iran is an islamic shithole and they're only cozying up to China and Russia because they don't have any other choice. The free world isn't buying Iranian oil.

* * *

If this person had not had kids in the back of her car, what would she have done? Was going to go with "generic voice" there and say "his" and "he" but I read the comments and found that--true to my suspicions--it was indeed a woman who tweeted this nonsense.

What would she have done if her kids had not been there? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Because here's the thing: her hatred of those riders would be tempered by the fact that they are armed. So if she went nuts and rammed them with her car, she'd have to make sure she incapacitated all of them immediately lest one (or more) shoot at her.

You know what? If we're going to have "red flag" laws let's apply them to driver's licenses, too. A car can also be a deadly weapon, and obviously that woman needs not to be driving.

* * *

Tribalism is why shitholes exist. A good point.

Related: I should like to see them try this but only from a reasonably safe distance. Abolishing the police--that's the kind of insane idea only a leftist could take seriously.

I have to wonder what these people expect will happen if police forces are abolished? Do they think that crime will magically stop?

Tell you what: you can abolish the Chicago Police Department, but first you must build a 50-foot-high wall around the city, seed a 500-meter belt outside that with land mines, and build another 50-foot-high wall around that. Let no one in or out of the city. Then we can pull the cops out and watch Chicago turn into a leftist paradise. it burns to the ground.

* * *

That would certainly be useful, assuming it works better in that application than it does on actually preventing the flu.

Mrs. Fungus--from whom I caught the flu--got the flu shot this year. She claims I had it worse than she did because I didn't get the shot. Of course that assumes that the illness we got was actually the strain of influenza for which she was immunized, which is questionable.

Please recall that last year's flu shot was approximately 19% effective and that there was another strain going around besides that one which--even if you got the shot--would make you sick as a dog because the shot didn't immunize you against it.

And that assumes that what we had was the flu at all and not some kind of food poisoning.

* * *

"Rise of Skywalker" is a disaster, all right. I'll watch it once it's "free to me" on-demand, though.

* * *

Pentagon study from 2004 says the world ends in 2020 in all the usual ways: global warming, rising seas, nuclear wars, nuclear winter, etcetera.

* * *

If I saw something like this I would probably piss myself laughing at them. People who thought that because President Trump had been impeached, he was no longer President.

There's a montage of Twiddles and the one in the bottom right corner takes the cake--the guy says he doesn't care if it doesn't make things any better and finishes with the consolation that " least he can't run for a second term".

Uh. Um.

...right after that is another dumbass who thinks that impeachment suspends the President's powers and that the "Constitutional Court" decides whether or not to remove him from office. "7th grade civics, people," she finishes smugly.

It's like...there's so much wrong there, I don't even know where to start. If that female actually had a civics course in seventh grade, I am assuming she failed it.

The sheer ignorance on display here is astounding.

* * *

As for me, I'm home now until Thursday morning. Barring celebratory excursions, of course. Whee!

Somehow I managed to survive work today, and I actually feel halfway normal now, except that my appetite is still malfunctioning. Mrs. Fungus and I texted a bit about what dinner should be. She reminded me that she bought a pizza Saturday night, I recoiled; I suggested Chinese, she recoiled; she suggested hot dogs, I recoiled. It's like, I'm hungry but the thought of certain foods is just nauseating. *sigh*

...and as I was walking into work today, my pants tried to fall down. Belt was hooked where it normally is; problem is, there's less gut there for it to work against. Before I left work I hit the can and found that I could easily and comfortably put my belt into the next notch down. Number four instead of number three--and it was comfortable, not too tight or anything.

I don't feel dehydrated, and my urine output is approximately normal--but I could not have lost that much gut weight. Could I? It's got to be just water weight that came off, right?

Well, whatever.

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