atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6979: It's a one-trick pony and dull

While Mrs. Fungus was being ill, she had the TV on. I couldn't stand to look at much of anything while I was ill, but I ended up being in the room when Meet The Parents was on.

Never had any interest in watching it, and the only reason I managed to sit there as long as I did stemmed from the fact that it hurt to move.

Anyway, it was immediately obvious that the show had exactly one schtick, and that was Ben Stiller stammering in awkward situations. Every last interaction between him and Robert de Niro went exactly the same way, every time. The only joke in the movie was: hehhehhehheh, look at how uncomfortable and awkward Ben Stiller is, hehhehhehheh.

Well, up to the point that revulsion overcame inertia and I went to bed.

No chemistry in the cast, no other redeeming factors. It was perilously dull.

* * *

At Menards, when I was buying the tank car for the Christmas tree train set, there was an animated diorama of a UFO taking a cow for sale. It was hilarious, but it wasn't $100 hilarious.

* * *

Windy, cold, snow squalls. Maybe accumulation tonight, maybe not. No one cares.

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