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#6981: Well, 2020, and here we go

It's bias, both conscious and unconscious. Reporter hears someone say that the owner of a gun range was involved, doesn't double-check what he heard (because he's sure he's right) and his editor doesn't think to ask questions, either. Because, "What, the shooter owns a gun range? Psh. Big surprise!"

Their mistakes run in one direction only because their mistakes confirm their preferred narrative. If the shooter in Texas had been a muslim immigrant you can bet your ass it would have been fact-checked six ways to Sunday, and even then the stories would still hedge the fact.

* * *

Zoopy the Clown calls Melania Trump's wardrobe "tasteless" because you really can't make this shit up. Steven Den Beste said it best: "Truth is often stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense." (I am mangling his actual words a bit.)

* * *

Baltimore residents are unhappy that their city is rapidly turning into a free-fire zone.

Following the anti-police riots, city officials seemingly gave in to the Black Lives Matter demands, and have enacted policies that would limit the presence of police officers in neighborhoods like the one in which Freddie Gray was arrested.
Less police=more crime. More crime=more violence.

In the 1990s when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of NYC, police were ordered to step up enforcement even of small things--and a city which was famous for being crime-ridden became a hell of a lot safer. I don't think I need to explain why diligent enforcement of the law reduces crime, do I?

But because, as a demographic, blacks commit proportionately more crime, they tend to get arrested and
jailed at a higher rate than other demographics. (Regardless of root cause.) This is, of course, due to "racism" and not a natural consequence of behavior. If American society were not so irredeemably racist, those crimes would not happen and those people would not be in jail. But because racism is so pervasive and oppressive, all they can do is shoot each other over drug distribution rights ("turf") and you get a body count. The inner cities of America would turn out doctors and engineers by the millions if it weren't for racism and the legacy of slavery.

* * *

Ah, Kennewick Man, how well I know ye. Kennewick Man is a problem, because he was a caucasion who lived and died on the west coast of North America some 12,000 years ago, long before the indians were here. Whatever indian tribe it is that holds sway over the place where Kennewick Man was found claimed him as a tribal ancestor, and quickly moved to make his remains off-limits to further scientific study, because he was caucasian.
My money is that something most likely indicates that Caucasians (which Naia and Kennewick Man resemble) were here first and were wiped out by the Native Americans who are here today.

It undermines a lot of grievance mongering if Whites were subjected to genocide.
Yes, something like that. If that's the case, Colombus isn't the spearhead of conquest and subjugation, but just another chapter in history.

News flash: Colombus is just another chapter in history. Get used to it.

* * *

"2020's the year the money on the Left tells the Left's bullshit to take a hike." But at the same time, it does indeed seem as if the best way to predict what they'll do is to say, "Oh, they can't possibly be dumb enough to do X." "X" ends up being exactly what they do next.

Impeachment, for example, or Virginia's gun grab legislation.

* * *

Linked solely for the disclaimer. Pixy Misa always adds humorous disclaimers to his posts:
Disclaimer: This social network was created in a controlled environment (well, a sweltering dump now that the A/C is dead) by trained (and very grumpy) engineers (one engineer and a Ryo-Ohki plushie). Do not try this at home.
Observe all appropriate safety regulations.

* * *

Really, a 4.10 rear end? Was that necessary? I'd think that you could go with a bit taller gear, considering the rest of the car weighs 1800 pounds and a 540 big block produces approximately all the torque. On the other hand, a short final drive may help reduce wheelspin in this case. I don't know.

What I do know is that Nash Metropolitan is probably the dictionary image for the definition of "overkill".

* * *

Media incurious about Democrat ties to Ukraine of course.

Democrats resist voter ID because they benefit from vote fraud.

* * *

Speaking of that last, the Imgur thread I linked the other day vanished without a trace, and that's the only time I saw any reference whatsoever to a left-winger demanding voter ID to keep Trump from stealing the election.

As I expected.

* * *

After all the anticipation and preparation, the holidays have ended. I've got a two-day week ahead of me, the weekend, and then the grind resumes, probably with a lot of extra issues due to the work hiatus. "I came back from vacation and now I can't print!" etcetera. *sigh* Well, that's life in IT, anyway.

With the exception of getting sick, I enjoyed them. I suppose that's what counts.

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