atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#6982: I don't think they understand economics

25% tax on marajuana products that have more than 35% THC in it. The weed is $130; the tax on the weed is $32.50. Actually, the total tax is $45.83, which is something like 35%. That's the bottom sales slip; the top one itemizes all the taxes and still works out to about 34%.

Okay, when we suggested that government first legalize drugs, then regulate and tax them? This is not what we meant. The idea is for legal weed to be cheaper than the black-market stuff, okay, so that the drug dealers go out of business.

Second City Cop makes the point: "The government has just priced a sizable portion of the market out of being able to smoke legal weed, which is going to lead to what exactly?"

No reduction in crime, for one thing. Well--the people who sold weed in Illinois before it was legal still want to make a buck, and their campaign contributions spend like anyone elses' do.

* * *

Spoilers here about "Rise of Skywalker" but I don't care so I read it and laughed.

* * *

George Soros uses his money to wreck America but the left is fine with that.

* * *

So, 281 spotless days in 2019. A space-age record!

* * *

Realized that Googe Translate might be able to help and had it translate the text for me, and discovered that the livecam that shows the rickshaw stand is in fact just outside Japan's oldest continually-operating bathhouse, which is currently undergoing renovation. It's been in operation for 125 years. Neat!

* * *

Well, one day left this week; then it's the weekend for two days, and then it's back to the grind. Better enjoy it while we can!

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