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#6985: That'll be good for another 200,000 miles!


Went out and replaced the spark plugs in Mrs. Fungus' Toyota. I'm guessing these are original equipment because they're Denso iridium plugs and they did not want to come out. Anyway, on Og's advice I cracked them loose a bit, hosed them down with PB Blaster, and let them sit for a while. Got the #2 plug out after letting them sit for about 45 minutes or so; compared it to the plugs I bought way back when and realized Those assholes sold me the wrong plugs, and kitted up to go buy the right ones, taking the one I'd removed with me.

Don't remember where I bought the wrong ones from; further it was a couple of years ago so I was a bit outside the return period. I also don't remember what I paid for them, but they're standard resistor plugs. A set of NGK iridium plugs set me back $36 from O'Reilly's, so I went with that.

Gap on the old plug was not too far out, but the electrode was worn so that the gap was only close to right on one side. |/ <== was about how it looked.

After getting back from the store I checked the gap on the new plugs (correct) and started working on getting the old ones out. I just took it easy and gently coaxed them out, and then used a pair of hemostats to extract them from their bores. The old rubber hose trick served to get them started, and from there it was easy to tighten them down. (And yes you better believe I used copper anti-seize on them!) Got 'em all replaced and everything buttoned up; car starts and runs smoothly. She smoked a bit at first, which was just the PB Blaster that had dripped into the cylinders after the plugs came out. That cleared up quickly enough.

We'll see if this fixes the issue Mrs. Fungus has been having, or if I really do need to shell out $90 for a new coil. This car has four of 'em, but thanks to OBD2 I can find out which one of them is failing, if that's really the problem and it wasn't just that the spark plugs were well past their wear limits.

* * *

This really has been business as usual for Iran since 1979. I've been consistent in saying that when the "Iranian students" seized the American embassy in Tehran and held our people hostage for more than a year, that was an act of war and should have been treated as such. Iran has been at war with the US for four decades, and our response to it has ranged from tepid to supine, and during the Obama years we bent over backwards to enable them.

In the wake of all this Iraq has decided it wants America to leave the country and to be honest I think we should do exactly that, in precisely the way that Karl Denninger prescribes. I've always had that opinion, too, that countries that don't want us there should get exactly what they want--to the point that the United States simply refuses to do business with them at all. "You want us out? We're out--all the way out." You don't get anything from America, not even aid during catastrophes. Anyone complains? "Hey, their government wanted us out, so we're out!"

Meanwhile Michael Moore thinks that islamic terrorists give a flying fuck about him not agreeing with President Trump.

An $80 million bounty on Trump's head--good luck with that. If there were some whacko out there who could get away with it, even if he managed to get to Iran to collect, he would find himself on the receiving end of a Hellfire missile. Iran's #2 guy was not safe from the reach of the United States; what makes you think a bounty hunter could remain so? You might be able to bump off the President of the United States, sure, but good luck living to enjoy your blood money.

* * *

On Terry Gilliam's sudden decision to idenfity as a black lesbian. Indications that people are getting fed up of victimology.

* * *

I have never more wanted to build a half-track go-kart than right now:

"I can't believe this exists," the cameraman keeps saying.


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