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#6988: Iran scores an own goal

I feel sorry for the guy who thought that Ukranian airliner was an enemy aircraft. He's probably dead by now, executed for the cardinal sin of making his superiors look bad.

Here's the thing: when Iran fired those thirty missiles at US bases, it was a face-saving measure. You think that Iran doesn't have something more accurate than unguided missiles? I'm talking about missiles which have approximately as much targeting ability as a V-2 rocket, and a shorter range to boot--or even a V-1. You aim it in the general direction of the enemy, light the fuse, and hope it hits them somewhere.

No, the idea was to hit back without hitting too hard in order to say to the people of Iran, "We hit those muthas!" But the missiles caused no real damage, and didn't hurt a soul--and Trump's response to that was exactly what it should have been.

The lifetime bureaucrats in the State department bemoan the fact that Trump doesn't do what they think he should, but the fact is that Trump is a consummate negotiator, and he knows when to press and when to ease off. (I'll grant that in his business dealings he didn't have a trillion dollars' worth of military backing him up.)

Everything was looking hunky-dory all around...and then Iran blew that passenger jet out of the sky. Oops.

Karl Denninger has a reasonable take on all that.

* * *

The House votes to limit Trump's power! Go the headlines--but the fact is that the House voted on a resolution, which is not at all binding, so Trump can continue doing what he is doing and they can't do squat about it.

Sorry, guys: "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces" is spelled out explicitly in the Constitution. Of course we all know what Democrats think of plain constitutional language.

* * *

Did you know they can now fit one terabyte on a single IC? It'll fit on the tip of your finger.

* * *

Today we had our first day of 2020 without a sunspot. Whee!

* * *

The predictions of the global warming crowd have utterly failed because it sure wasn't based on science.

Of course they are. The latest generation of climate models is showing more warming than ever, because no one gets research grants only to write papers about how the climate isn't changing.

* * *

Four years late, $2 billion a flight, but Boeing has finally delivered the first SLS booster. They started building it in 2015, it was supposed to be finished in time to fly in 2017, and it won't actually take flight before 2021.

* * *

This is amazing! The story of the Avro Arrow is a tragedy. It was an airplane which was far ahead of its time, and only a handful were ever made. Rumor has it that one (just one) example survived. So, for a set of blueprints to have survived--that's wonderful news.

* * *

So, a couple who is reportedly worth $18 million between them have not paid rent on their apartment for over two years. They owe $120,000 in back rent, and just bought a $2 million house in Beverly Hills.

Of course they support Bernie Sanders. Socialists love to spend other peoples' money, but hold onto their own with all the greed of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Socialists also love to burn books.

* * *

"The only ones that are mourning the loss of Soleimani are our Democrat leadership and our Democrat presidential candidates." Also the American news media. The Democrat-media complex are beside themselves with grief over the death of that terrorist fuck.

* * *

It would be so wonderful if the feds finally got Madigan on something. Not that it really matters, though; Madigan runs the state because he's Speaker of the Illinois House, and whoever is elected to replace him in that post will still have all the power he's got. And of course it'll be a Democrat.

Just a different one. Maybe that'll make all the difference; and maybe we'll just trade King Log for King Stork.

* * *

OWNED. Paul Krugman got a phone call from a scammer claiming to be from "the IT department" (I'm guessing) who told him that his IP address was being used to download kiddie pr0nos. "Paul Krugman," Borepatch notes, "is a Nobel laureate economist."


* * *

They cannot bring back Firefly now and have it be any good. If they did bring back Firefly they'd just cram it full of woke SJW nonsense, and it would suck.

* * *

No post yesterday because I came home from work and collapsed; and after that I read manga.

I bookmarked a bunch of it on my tablet but the series I wanted to talk about is called Mieruko-chan. The premise of the story is that Miko Yotsuya is a high school girl who, one day, suddenly gets the ability to see ghosts. And a lot of them are straight out of classic Japanese horror--and her reaction is to ignore them, as carefully as possible, so that they will not know she can see them.

It has not gone very far but reading the thing I was struck with how well-written the story was; Miko's reactions were logical and reasonable and realistic.

...and then I got to that chapter. Just an everyday morning in the Yotsuya household...and when that one panel came up I looked at it, thinking, "What the hell...? Oh. OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." It caught me flat-footed, 100% by surprise; it was like a punch in the gut, and it made perfect sense. The artist did everything right--perfectly right--and it really was a shining example of why I like to read manga.

Even better, there is a larger story behind everything, and so far it's been suspenseful and entertaining. Mieruko-chan is an excellent horror series, definitely a keeper and well worth reading.

* * *

Those battery-operated candles are still quietly doing their thing, turning on for eight hours and then shutting off for sixteen. They haven't even drifted all that much. I wonder how long one of them runs on a single pair of AA batteries? I first activated them on 12/23 and it's now been 17 days--which isn't bad at all.

* * *

They're claiming that we're going to get snow this weekend. I'll believe it when I see it; the weather report I see says "rain" but apparently the weather service has scheduled a winter storm watch for tomorrow. I guess the far NW suburbs are supposed to get pounded in the butt--the last map I saw of predicted accumulations showed the far NW and southern Wisconsin getting close to a foot of global warming. Us, down here in the Fungal Vale, are supposed to get maybe 1.5 or 2 inches.

We'll see.

* * *

Sitting here on my desk is the petcock for the motorcycle. $16 shipped, it replaces a part that costs $90 in OEM form. Assuming it works, of course--but it has the right shape and the right number of connections. Be nice if I could ditch the $5 check valve I installed to make the original one work.

That's next spring, though. If I get a wild hair in an unlikely spot I might work on the bike sometime in the next couple of months, but the chores I have before me are a high enough priority that the bike doesn't even figure. "Home improvement" type stuff, you know.

Paint the master bedroom and the master bath; do something about the shower stall so we can use it again. Finish the damned water filtration system (FFS!) and get that on-line. Once the house is painted and the improvements are done then I can work on the machines.

I figure I'll need to live to be about 173 just to get all this stuff done....

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