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#6990: C'mon, that wasn't a stretch and you know it

Karl Denninger starts off with "See, I told you so!" regarding Iran's admission that yes, they shot down that Ukranian airliner. It was only everybody and his dog saying so, FFS.

The surprising thing is the complete 180 they pulled in actually admitting it was them and not sticking to some other cockamamie story.

But the so-called "Arab Street" has risen up in mass protest, chanting "Death to liars!".

Remember: during Obama's turn at the helm, America ignored the Iranian people when they rose up in protest over a rigged election. I expect different results from the Trump administration.

* * *

It's perfectly fine to tell unemployed Appalachian coal miners "learn to code" but not unemployed reporters. Now, if the reporters were poor white people without college education and did not overwhelmingly support Democrats to the tune of 95%+, it would be perfectly fine to tell them to "learn to code" because they simply wouldn't matter. But because the reporters are important people (at least in their own minds) "learn to code" is hate speech.

Kind of funny, in a way. "Learn to code" was initially invented by Obama for exactly this situation: people working in the energy industry who are being displaced by stupid and short-sighted government energy policies.

I want Biden to prove his assertion that anyone who can shovel coal into a furnace--as if that was how multi-megawatt boilers are fired!--can write computer code. I'd love to see Biden's attempt at writing a simple "Hello, world!" program.

* * *

"Dimming". The antonym for "brightening" is "dimming". "Fainting" means losing consciousness and if a star can do that, this universe is a lot stranger than advertised.

* * *

Kim du Toit is right when he says, "People often boast of how they blast off many hundreds of rounds at a single practice session, but a hundred in a single practice routine? Be my guest: if you've never done it before, it's a whole lot tougher than it looks." Back when I was still allowed to exercise my constitutional rights, my trips to the gun range left me feeling drained. And I didn't do much more than fifty, sixty rounds.

* * *

"ONLY men can have vaginas." The vagina is now the "front hole" and the surgically-created orofice that a biologically male transsexual has is the "vagina".

Only the left could be so contra-reality.

Speaking of complete lunacy, it's gotten bad enough that the transsexual movement has lost one of the exemplars of the androgynous movement in the 1980s.

* * *

Tonight was goulash night!

I've been craving it for a while. Wednesday I stopped at the store for a few things, and bought the necessary ingredients that I lacked (meat and green peppers) and resolved that I'd make it this weekend.

The fact that it's a cold and stormy night out there is mere coincidence, but it's the perfect dish for such an evening.

A couple pounds of chuck roast will do for the meat, cut into cubes--or whatever you want to use. I usually get the meat cubes cut about 1/2" on a side, maybe a bit bigger. Three cans of diced tomatoes. A medium-large onion, halved and sliced about 1/4". A heaping tablespoon of minced garlic; paprika, salt, and pepper to taste. Also, go easy on the salt; it's not hard to over-salt this since the canned tomatoes will have salt in them. Combine everything but the peppers in a crock pot, well-mixed, and let it go on "low" for six hours. (4 on "high".)

After the cooking time has elapsed, cut the green peppers in longditudinal strips and sautee them in butter until they're cooked, then add them to the mix, stir well, and let it go at least another 30 minutes. After that, serve--if at all possible with Marconi's italian bread on the side. If you can't get that (only people who live in the south suburbs of Chicago are so lucky) then your favorite crusty bread will have to do.

You want crusty bread to soak up the juice; if you find this recipe half as tasty as I do the bowl will look like it was licked clean when you're done. But I just wipe it down with the soft core of the bread.

* * *

Now I need to go pull lights off the Christmas tree and put stuff away, and get the de-festooned conifer out to the curb. *sigh*

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