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#6993: Looks like the machine does not want Bernie running

They're really harping on the fake quote. Let's get that out of the way: Bernie Sanders never said that a woman can't win the election for President. As big of a crudbucket as that doddering old rich communist is, I have some confidence that he didn't say anything of the sort.

CNN's performance in the Democrat debate was pretty blatantly anti-Sanders.

But CNN is 100% in the tank for the Democrat party so it's not surprising.

The question is, "Why?"

Here's the thing: Bernie Sanders can't win the general election. In the first place, he's already had one heart attack during his campaign. Second, he's old. Third, he's an unmitigated communist. Fourth, he ran in 2016 and lost.

Sanders' platform will bankrupt the United States--will greatly accelerate the bankruptcy which is already impending, rather. Radicals call it "immanentizing the eschaton" and what they mean is to wreck the system, bring it down, so they can replace it with pure communism. (The replacement is never actual communism, of course. We know this because it always fails and the radicals who are left tell us, "That wasn't real communism.")

...but the elites don't want the eschaton, immanentized or not. They make a great deal of money off the status quo. Why do you think Barack Hussein Obama--who campaigned on ending America's involvement in the middle east--never actually ended it? And why do you think the elites are screaming so loudly over Trump's efforts to end America's involvement in the middle east? (Upon which, I have to say, he also campaigned.) A lot of those elites make bank on "the military-industrial complex" that Eisenhower warned us about, that's why.

The elites believe they can ride out the collapse of the American economy as long as it's carefully managed. They're wrong, for rather a lot of reasons, but they think they can, because after all they're the elites and they went to Ivy League schools and they're the smartest people EVER, right? But if Bernie Sanders has his way the whole thing will come down faster than you can say "gold stored in offshore banks". And before that is finished the top 1% of wealth holders in the country will likely be reduced to poverty. If they're lucky, that is, and not just executed by whatever the 21st American equivalent of the Red Guards from the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

But being reduced to poverty would be bad enough. I mean, who wants to have to work for a living?

* * *

Well, 2019 was the second-hotted year on record, of course because global warming. We haven't set any new record high temperatures, but second hottest year ever! because the temperature databases are all being adjustered and fiddleated until they show that.

* * *

The same press that brought us the concept of "funemployment" now claims that full employment is bad for people. No surprise at the hypocrisy or the slanted coverage here; just an amused smirk at how hard they're trying to turn an obvious positive into a negative--and how much of a reach it is.

* * *

Heard a news story today where Democrats are claiming that Trump will be impeached. Well duh; they did that part already. They voted on it and passed articles of impeachment. Nancy Pelosi's been sitting on the damned things for weeks! Trump has already been impeached.

The question is, will the Senate remove him from office? We'll find out. The House Democrats are finally going to get out of their powered lift chairs, grab their walkers, and hobble over to the Senate with the articles of impeachment in their fanny packs. Soon.

* * *

Well, here's one to avoid. Basically a woke retread of M*A*S*H* set in the middle east where a "Blackwater-like" company is the bad guy and not terrorists. Heh.

* * *

Well, they say it's going to snow tomorrow. *sigh*

As for me, my mouth inexplicably began to hurt today. On the right side. It kind of bothered me a bit last night but I'm used to that; this afternoon I had to hold liquid against my teeth to kill the pain. This evening, after dinner, I was in excruciating pain--10, easy, on the 1-10 pain scale--even with holding liquid in my mouth; I actually went and got some Ouzo and held that in that part of my mouth...and it barely helped at all.

My mouth tasted like I'd tried to drink from a licorice-flavored acetylene torch. But, it did dull the pain a bit. After I flossed, though, the pain went away in its entirety.

So, tomorrow I need to call a dentist and try to get in ASAP. The self-diagnosis is not a good one; I'm probably looking at a root canal at the very least. The worst part about it is that the tooth in question has a crown on it. I don't remember if it had a root canal first, or if the crown went in just because the tooth needed it--this tooth was fixed 20+ years ago. X-rays will tell that tale, I suppose.

Still, it's annoying and I'm not happy about it, but my choices are A) excruciating pain, or B) paying too much to get it fixed. Plus side, I've got pretty decent dental insurance through work.


* * *

So, got my books yesterday. Horimiya is really good and there was a laugh-out-loud moment in it. Komi Can't Communicate volume 4 was entertaining. Started reading Ojojojo and it's pretty good stuff too. Saving Laid-Back Camp for last.

But found a series called 67% Inertia on MangaDex that's pretty entertaining, and there's some other stuff I've been reading, too.

Manga! It's fun!

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