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#6995: Yes, that's QUITE enough, thank you

Everything has subsided to a dull, continuous ache. I say "dull" but that's only a characterization of it; it hurts a lot and continuously, with some spikes of NO JUST END IT NOW. So I got up at about 7-ish and had another gram of ibuprofen, which reduced the inflammation so much that it really did almost go down to a mere persistent ache. But it's severely painful if I tap that molar, and there's a funny feeling in my tongue on that side when I swallow, and when I press in just behind the jaw, underneath, I can feel a swollen lymph gland, and I think I know what that means: abcess.

I hope I'm wrong, because if there's an abcess there, that tooth is history.

Anyway, going back to dentist on Monday, of course.


* * *

What do you mean, "unexpected"? A lot of people expected exactly these outcomes! Those of us who support nuclear power know that coal power is dirtier and more dangerous than nuclear power is. And those of us who said Germany's decision to phase out nuclear power was stupid said so because we know that you cannot replace a dense energy source like nuclear power with a diffuse one like wind and solar, and that you must back up the diffuse source with a dense one--which means coal or natural gas, in today's world, if you don't want nuclear power.

* * *

Boeing is doing the same shit with the 777X that they did with the 737MAX. The article says that Boeing is trying to maximize profit at the expense of everything else. You can get away with that, at least for a while, when you're manufacturing toothpaste or soap--but a building a jet airliner requires a different sort of philosophy.

They cheaped out on the 737MAX and look where it led.
Boeing's C-suite executives push for profitability (at the apparent expense of safety) has, by all appearances, been a disaster; sacrificing the safety of the planes to drive sales higher to unlock tens of billions of dollars in stock buybacks--that would allow executives to dump their stock options at record high stock prices.
And to hell with the long-term prospects for the corporation.

* * *

This guy really is a gaping asshole, isn't he? Leftist reporter berates a Target manager because she won't give him a $90 toothbrush for $0.01.

As a former Target employee, let me explain something: the label in the image is the price of the display unit. It's there solely for inventory purposes. The display unit likely does not work. The description of the thing prominently says "DISPLAY", just like that, in all-caps. There will be another label on the shelf where the actual for-sale products are stocked with the actual price of the for-sale units.

So, to make things even better, dicklick claims he needs this toothbrush because he hasn't been able to afford to go to a dentist for three years. Then people started reposting his twiddle from much less than three years ago when he called it "winning" to go to a dentist's office and turn off Fox News. So, either he lied about not seeing a dentist for three years, or else he just randomly goes to dentist's offices and hassles them for having Fox News on.

Either way, he's most definitely a gaping asshole, all right. What a dickhead.

* * *

The Watchment TV series got canceled. Unwatchable crap. Won't miss it.

* * *

So, the Dragon abort test went swimmingly. This clears the way for a manned test flight.

Meanwhile Boeing--who claims their products will take men to Mars--hasn't managed to dock a Starliner with ISS yet.

* * *

The thing that really busts my hump about this toothache thing is that it's happening on the side of my mouth that doesn't have any ongoing issues. On the right side I've got a couple things that I have been letting slide, and shouldn't have. The left side is (was!) solid and stable. What the fuck.

Anyway, go back to dentist tomorrow, get something done about this, and figure the next step from there.

I recalled, this morning, that that was the area where that one wisdom tooth had been, removing the wisdom tooth was a bit problematic.
The one on the left side was a bit more complex, and it was further complicated by the fact that the novocaine wasn't quite enough to kill the pain. "We'll give it one more," he said, "and if that doesn't do it, you'll have to come back and go to sleep to do it. That's the problem with these: when they start to hurt, sometimes the local's not enough." (Not his exact words, but an apt paraphrasal. What do you want? I was high as a kite.) [on nitrous oxide]

So I sat there happily whiffing nitrous while I waited for that last shot to take effect, and then he came back in and went to work. It still hurt.

He gave me the option to come back tomorrow, and I said, "Well, let's see how it goes," so he went back to work and extracted the tooth.
The nitrous oxide made the pain of that extraction not matter, so I got through that with a minimum of suffering. But the fact that it was such a bitch is probably related, somehow, to this latest episode.

Well, as I said, just have to do what needs doing. I can't be suffering like this all the damned time.

* * *

Went out yesterday for a few things, including some salt. We got some snow, but then it rained; when I went out, the driveway was a sheet of slush as it was still above freezing, but I knew it would get down to single digits, and the driveway would then become a sheet of ice. With no temps forecast to be above freezing for the next four days, I knew I needed salt.

Bought a bag, salted the driveway. It got down to 4 last night.

Did not need the snowblower, anyway.

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