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#6996: As if ANY President has control over that

Just saw a Bloomberg ad where he claimed that President Trump is responsible for making global warming worse. No, I mean personally responsible, as if he went to the Earth Thermostat in some subbasement under the White House and cranked it all the way up.


* * *

So, big 2nd Amendment rally in Virginia today--did anything happen? Any shootings or violence or anything?

I'm asking because a lot of folks were predicting "false flag" attacks, people being gunned down--I saw someone talking about snipers. A correlation with a NOTAM for GPS jamming by an aircraft carrier. Dire predictions that there would be "anti-gun martyrs" created specifically to push the anti-gun narrative.

Was there anything at all? Or was it a peaceful--an actually peaceful--protest?

Apparently there was nothing but peaceful protest in favor of a civil right.

They didn't riot and burn and pillage and destroy but instead used their First Amendment right of peaceable assembly to protest a government's attempts to take away their Second Amendment rights. And the left cannot stand it.

"An armed society is a polite society."

* * *

I was just thinking about this last night. Was wondering how my 15-year-old self would have responded to being brought to 2020 and seeing a modern smartphone.

Then it hit me: a typical modem connection in 1982 was 300 baud, approximately 300 bits per second. My current Internet connection is a million times faster than that. Literally a million: 300 megabits per second now, compared to 300 bits per second in 1982.

1200 baud was available in 1982, which reduces the multiplier from 1,000,000 to 250,000, but that is still astoundingly, stupendously faster. (Consider that I am writing a blog post on-line while also having a YouTube video playing in the background.)

I think watching full-motion video on a tablet that's 1/2" thick would have blown me away when I was 15. Of course, I think nothing of it.

* * *

I love really sharp cheddar but not to the tune of $209 per pound, I don't. I'd like to taste some 20-year-old cheddar cheese, but not at $209 per pound. I wouldn't even want someone else to pay for it.

* * *

Damn it, I said this at the time! The governor of Puerto Rico was standing in front of aid supplies in a warehouse, complaining that President Trump wasn't doing enough to help them, and I said that the aid should be distributed to the people who need it instead of sitting in a warehouse as a prop for a politician's photo op!

The fact that all that materiel was sitting there, undistributed--entirely for political reasons, to make Trump look bad!--is not even remotely surprising.

And you can count on that being the reason: it was solely to make Trump look bad.

* * *

Allow me to correct you. They don't love America.

* * *

That's pretty accurate.

* * *

I'd say the "MAX brand" is pretty well finished, actually. Boeing's bean counters were obviously ignorant of what GM's bean counters tried in the 1970s. It didn't work any better for GM than it will for Boeing.

* * *

Absolutely disgusting and disgraceful. Why are there so many stories about pedophile rings? Why are they always organized and protected by powerful people?

It sickens me to read this kind of story. It's horrifying. I read this kind of thing and wonder--yet again--why God has not already wiped us out and replaced us with something that makes sense. But I must remind myself that despair is a sin.

* * *

The dental saga continued:

Woke up sometime around 5 AM with my mouth hurting like hell. Took a couple caplets of something and sent a message to my boss that I would be going to dentist before going to work, but that if dentist decided to extract tooth I would not be in at all. Told phone not to wake me at the usual time, but 9:10 instead.

Woke up at 9...without any pain at all, whatsoever. Well--when I tapped on the tooth it would hurt, but otherwise there was absolutely no pain in my mouth anywhere. Lollygagged in bed for a while just enjoying the NOT PAIN, but then got myself moving.

Tried to call dentist, got the "office hours" message, and learned they're not in on Mondays. Put myself together and went to work, getting there at 11:15. As the day wound on my mouth started to hurt more and more, but nowhere near as bad as it hurt over the weekend; but when 5 came around I went home.

Got home, washed the dishes, then heated up the leftover pot roast and ate just about all of it but for three potatoes. Tasted great, and my mouth didn't hurt any more. (It didn't hurt any less, either.)

So we'll play it by ear and decide what to do tomorrow. I am not going back to the dentist's office with my mouth not hurting; that doesn't work--he can't figure out what's wrong--so what I'll do is based entirely on what my mouth does.

It's really annoying, of course. Current mood.

* * *

Do not let anyone tell you how you should have done something. They are not you; people who tell you that "You did it wrong!" are assholes.

* * *

Turns out that I could spend $120 on a processor for Achernar and double its performance. Looks like I'd have to put in a discrete video card, though. But the Ryzen 5 2600 would drop right into the existing motherboard.

Turns out that the processor in Achernar--the Ryzen 3 2200G--is just a hair slower than the Core i5 processor in Floristica, according to on-line benchmarks. So according to that standard, the Ryzen 5 2600 would be two hairs less than twice as fast as Floristica's processor. Floristica is six years old.

...$120 for a processor, $60 for the motherboard, $35-ish for RAM--what is that, $210 all in? Add $40 for a SSD--$250 gets me a computer that's about twice as fast as Floristica is.

Hmm. If you're looking for a computer with fair dinkum performance I think you could do lots worse than that. $250 gets you the whole machine less a case and power supply, and if you were careful you could stay under $100 for those components while still getting good stuff. That's $350--and if your budget is $500 then you've got $150 left for a video card, and you can buy a lot of video card for $150. If you don't need to buy a case and power supply, then you've got $250 for a video card--and for that, you're buying something current and really powerful, like a GTX 1660.

Well, not this month.

* * *

Anyway, that's about it for Monday.

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