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#6997: The weird behavior from the Jeep

This morning the Jeep's windows were frosted over, so I started the engine and turned on the rear defroster, then went to work on the other windows with the scraper. When I got to the back, I saw that the taillights were on, and thought, "Did I turn on the headlights?" NO, they were not on, yet the brake lights were. I turned off the defroster and the brake lights went out.

Now, over the past few months, the indicator light on the defroster switch has been acting flaky. It would go on and off, seemingly at random. So I got in and stepped on the brake and--sure enough!--the indicator went on.

How did I miss that?

...probably because stepping on the brake is second nature and I don't think about it when I do it. And I figured it was just a glitch, anyway--the rig ain't young any more, and she's got a couple of electrical gremlins I haven't bothered to chase down, like the fact that the power windows can only be lowered from the driver's side door panel (faulty inhibit switch on that panel there) and the flaky front speaker wiring. Little things, stuff too fiddly and insignificant to bother with fixing on their own.

Anyway it's obviously some kind of short circuit. I don't know if the defroster is actually turning on when I step on the brakes, and won't know until I trace the circuits. It's not hurting anything--it's done this for months, as I said--so it can wait for warmer weather.

* * *


737MAX won't be flying before summer. Put a pin in that one; we'll be coming back to it.

Boeing's board of directors fired its CEO over the disaster and now Boeing is borrowing $10 billion to stay afloat. "Man, relocating their company HQ to Chicago sure was a genius move, wasn't it?"

The FAA is not committing to any timetable for a return to airworthy status for the 737MAX. Looks like this time, at least, the FAA is doing its job.

* * *

Starliner apparently did not perform all that well, after all. According to an anonymous source, "Eight or more thrusters on the service module failed at one point thruster never fired at all."

They simulated an aborted approach to ISS but the "back away" maneuver featured about half the expected velocity change.

So, remember that article I said to stick a pin into?
The CST-100 Starliner commercial crew spacecraft was supposed to be a slam dunk for Boeing--a contest that, with the company's reputation in space systems (as a partner in United Launch Alliance, and one of the major contributors in building and sustaining the International Space Station), would have seemed to have been its to lose.

Boeing has been doing just that. The program suffered a series of setbacks, including a problem with a pad test of its abort system. In November, NASA's inspector general reported that the Starliner would cost 60 percent more per seat than SpaceX's Crew Dragon. The Crew Dragon completed a successful unmanned demo in March of last year. And despite an explosive failure on the launch pad last April, SpaceX managed to come back and complete its last unmanned test this month.

The failure to reach the ISS's orbit with the Demo 1 launch of the Starliner was a very expensive software failure. And while the rest of the flight was proclaimed to be successful--including a soft landing on land at White Sands Space Harbor in New Mexico--there were other problems related to the failure of thrusters on the service module connected to the way they were used to try to raise Starliner's orbit. Those thruster issues may have caused the spacecraft to fail other tests.

Meanwhile, Boeing's piece of the Space Launch System has had a long road toward delivery, with its first core stage just completed. The delays have further pushed back all of the programs linked to it, including NASA's current lunar plans, and the rocket is unlikely to see its first flight until 2021.
Meanwhile some sources are talking about a manned flight of Dragon in March. I'll believe that when I see it, but it's not utterly beyond the realm of possibility.

* * *

This is the unsustainable way the Illinois Democrat machine keeps people's votes. Other than, you know, having all those dead folks on the voter rolls.
Across all five state retirement systems, typical career workers pay for about 5% of the cost of their pension benefits. They receive an average of $1.7 million to $3.6 million.
That's a hell of a return on your investment! In the former case, $85,000 invested nets a retiree a 20-fold return; that's the kind of return that most investments can only fantasize about, usually with the help of copious quantities of LSD. I mean, a 20,000% return, how can you go wrong?

And of course the Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to make sure their faithful voters get paid.

* * *

AOC says the Democrat party is "center-conservative" and that the US doesn't have a "left party".

Explain this, then, you stupid bitch. Another paid Bernie Sanders staffer is arguing for a communist revolution.

Delusional bint.

* * *

Asylum seekers must wait for their hearings in Mexico rather than being released into the United States to await them here. Strangely enough this is reducing the number of illegal border crossings.

The point is not asylum. The point is getting into the US and then disappearing, never showing up for the hearing. Saying you're here for asylum is a ploy to get ICE to let you go so you can do that.

* * *

A new kind of viral pneumonia crops up in China and we just blithely leave the doors wide open.

We don't fear disease any more. We used to have a sensible attitude towards it: if you have something, even if it's treatable, you can't come here until you get over it. A lot of people were not allowed entry to the US because they were sick. There used to be quarantines for people who were awaiting entry to the US to make sure they didn't have something.

But these days? Bah, you got an infection? Take antibiotics, no problem. Hey, too bad about that cold you got; just don't breathe on me, ha ha! Get your flu shot and no one cares, right?

* * *

Larry Correia compares the right and the left. I'm blockquoting the whole post because Faceboob posts don't seem to link too well here.
Gun owners just had a massive rally, tens of thousands of happy people, male, female, white, black, Asian, Latino, atheists, Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, straight, gay, trans, whatever, nobody gave a shit, as they marched united and armed to the teeth in order to tell a wannabe tyrant douchebag to go fuck himself, you Klan robe wearing dipshit.

Meanwhile the left is having a cannibal feeding frenzy. Every interaction with them is a humorless scolding, every disagreement is racism, and every debate is decided by who has the most victim points. Their doctrine is jealousy. They hate themselves, they hate each other, and they especially hate you. Anything they can't control, they must destroy.

The difference in attitude is fascinating.
Fascinating, perhaps, but not even remotely surprising.

* * *

Fred Reed gives an excellent perspective here on the notion that the Twin Towers were brought down by demolition charges.

* * *

"Of all the strange symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome, progressive self-immolation is the strangest."

* * *

The Himilayan glaciers will disappear by 2035 because of global warming, unless they don't, since that prediction was made by a single scientist and promulgated by an econazi group and they didn't even quote the scientist correctly since he predicted 2350 rather than 2035.

* * *

Tooth still hurty. Did not get in to see dentist today--did not call, because it wasn't hurty while I was at work. I might skip painkillers in the morning before work on Thursday and go then, if I can.

Woke up this morning again with zero pain, though, and it honestly feels as if it's getting better. I don't really know what to think about all this.

Oh well.

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