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#6998: I don't think this is news, is it?

Headline: "Illinois Board Of Elections Admits Non-US Citizens Voted Illegally In 2018 Election". Yep. Also dead people. This is Illinois, for fuck's sake.
The board said on Tuesday that it confirmed 19 people who aren't citizens of the United States voted in Illinois in the election.

The illegal votes were spread across seven counties.

Secretary of State Jesse White's office blamed the registration of hundreds of non-U.S. citizens on a "programming error" in the state's automatic voter registration process.

Illinois lets legal and illegal immigrants get a driver's license or state identification and, in some cases, people who obtain such IDs are automatically enrolled as voters.
Yeah, sure it was only 19 people. Probably more like 19 thousand.

And this is one of the big reasons you don't give illegal aliens driver's licenses.

* * *

I'm not the only person who thinks the aid sent to Puerto Rico was deliberately not distributed to make Trump look bad.

Posted on January 22, 2020 by Miguel.GFZ
TDS: From murdering one man to denying aid to Browm People

After Hurricane Maria tons and tons of aid plus more money than the budget of the State of Florida for a full year. Still we saw the crowds of people begging for food and water plus the politicians, both from the Island and the Main land crapping on Trump’s and FEMA’s lousy efforts. Water was delivered but conveniently forgotten by the local government even after it was found in a remote airstrip. And boxes with military Meals Ready to Eat were found in dumpsters, food that it was in perfect shape just thrown away. The Narrative of Trump “doing” to Puerto Rico what Bush did to New Orleans had to be maintained (Republicans are racists!) so even with evidence, nothing much happened.

But Puerto Rico got hit again by bad earthquakes and people was again in hardships and I guess somebody remembered where they were still hiding supplies for Hurricane Maria and went to loot the warehouse to get some food and water for himself and the neighbors. Word spread and suddenly it made it to the news. That has been rocking PR for days now, but it has not made it here as it is inconvenient. But the worse part is the video above where they confirm that there was not one warehouse but several found stocked with relief supplies from Hurricane Maria times and never distributed. How much of that is wasted now? All the water for sure and the rest you will need to check the expiration dates.

Billions of dollars probably wasted and probably nobody will serve one day in jail. why? Because Orange Man so Bad You Can Kill Brown People To Remove Him.
After all, the people who were suffering in the wake of the hurricane weren't elites; they were proles, and who cares about them? Right? Omelettes, eggs, etcetera! Orange Man Bad! We have to get rid of him, and if that means a bunch of proles suffer, well, that's just how it goes! They'll go down in history as heroes of the revolution!

The left always cloaks itself in how much it cares, but in fact the left is full of hatred, and is willing to destroy millions of lives to get what it wants.

* * *

"I don't see [Greta Thunberg] in Beijing or Delhi."


* * *

Virtue-signaling. The cartoon at the end of the post says it all.

But hell yeah, buy my stuff--I don't care what your politics are and your money spends the same as anyone else's. You want to burn my books? Buy 'em and burn 'em to your heart's content, I don't care.

As long as you're buying them, why should it matter to me how you dispose of them?

* * *

Woke SJW Doctor Sue has the worst ratings of any Doctor Who in 31 years.

I really liked the Sylvester McCoy episodes, a hell of a lot more than I liked the Colin Baker ones. But interestingly enough, the Sylvester McCoy seasons were rock bottom for the show, hitting lows of viewership only equaled most recently with Doctor Sue running the TARDIS.

Oh well.

* * *

Betelgeuse is the dimmest it's been in 25 years. Maybe it's getting ready to blow; maybe it's just blowing off gas and dust. We have no way of knowing what it's doing, and we won't know it's blowing up until it suddenly starts to get really bright....

--well, I do think that neutrino detectors all over the world will go nuts first.

* * *

Useless High School Girls is hilarious. I found it last night and was laughing my ass off at it.

(Sound effect: "Perorororon" which I assume is the sound of someone licking their lips really fast.)

The art is not stunning but the characters feel so real it's hard not to like them all.

Komi Can't Communicate, 234 chapters' worth. Hard not to binge on that.

* * *

Anyway, I've had a day. At least the week's halfway over. I'm going to go read manga and listen to some music before bed.

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