atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#700: I'm thinki--SEVEN HUNDRED???

Have I really put up seven hundred posts in 19 months?

I mean, seven hundred? I knew I didn't have a life but for crying out loud...

Anyway I'm sitting here with a splitting headache because all I've eaten today are:

4 hard-boiled eggs
1 serving of cup ramen
5 jaw breakers

...since 8 AM. Plus a slightly lower-than-normal complement of Vault.

I'm a big guy and it takes a lot of energy to keep my immense massive brain functioning in top form. (Not to mention keep my blood glucose from descending into Perdition. Have I mentioned recently that I suffer from chronic hypoglycemia?) The list of food items I mentioned above amounts to "starvation rations" for me.

No meat, no vegetables, no bread, no milk, no yogurt, no ice cream, no cheese, no peanut butter--nothing but eggs and ramen. *sigh*

I am doing this, of course, in order to let my gut "rest" for as long as possible in order to help clear up the bout of diverticulitis currently annoying me. Argh etc.

I've taken three doses of Amoxicillin so far, and I'm due for the next one in about four hours. On the plus side, the pain in my lower left abdomen is mostly gone, leaving a slight discomfort. But I don't know how much longer my will power can sustain me; I WANT FOOD.

We haven't got much in the "no/low residue" food category. Maybe we have a can of soup somewhere....


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