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Ye Olde Fungus hit #6000 on November 27, 2017 so it's been more than two years since the last millennium.

That was shortly before we got some new carpet in the bunker, and right before that

I engaged in a bit of carpentry and fitted a piece of plywood to the floor in the family room.

The first day at $Major_Hardware doing IT phone support.

#6041: Only In A Jeep, another Christmas vignette.

We learn there is absolutely no demant for used furniture.

They shut down the government, but no one noticed.

February 4, 2018, was the last time I had time to tinker with old computers.

My rewatch of Gundam W kind of petered out too.

A very short 12th anniversary post, one day late.

The road is narrow and hard, but it is the right one.

April 30, 2018 Boeing is claiming that SpaceX's Falcon Heavy doesn't meet NASA's heavy lift needs. Oh? A bit less than two years later SLS is still not flying. I think NASA can make do with a lower payload to LEO that actually flies, and do a better job than the rocket which hasn't flown yet and won't fly for another year at least.

And by the way, they can only build 3 of them a year.

Buttercup arrives. Still can't believe the price we paid for that thing.

Bathroom work begins.

"Worst hemorrhoid ever."

The essay here, at the beginning of the post, is an example of why Og always says I should have one blog for politics and another for the non-politics.

A new set of tires, and the Jeep's front-end wobble disappeared. The last set didn't fix it! Why did this set? Not that I'm complaining....

An Urusei Yatsura ep comes to life, kind of.

Do not buy your carpeting from Luna. Worst customer service ever.

I am linking this one solely because of the following line:
I especially admire the pudding elemental on the lower right.
I am sitting here choking with laughter at that line. Dripping with disdain!

Yes, Interstellar was THAT good.

I'M AT THE DOOR and no I do not do drugs.

When the survival of the human race is at stake, political correctness is jettisoned first.

Finished reading Ranma 1/2 some 23 years after I started it.

Annihilation was pretty bad.

Troll hunting at the Morton Arboretum.


Just before SKIBIDI a discussion of economics in my SF universe.

Last day at $MAJOR_HARDWARE.

But I was only unemployed for a week.

Went to the House on the Rock.

Working from home is awesome!

10th anniversary of starting to play WoW.

2018's Christmas Vignette, Jezebel.

The logical consequences of midiclorians being the source of the Force. "Darth Dracula", among other things. Heh.

That set of earbuds lasted 10 years. The other night, Maki ate the set that replaced that one. I left it on the coffee table in the family room for five minutes while I tucked Mrs. Fungus in bed; came back to find the earbuds on the floor and one of them chewed completely off. I said many bad words.

-23 degrees. That was a bit chilly.

There is literally not enough money in the world to finance the Green New Deal which is probably why they stopped talking about it.

Finished a book I can't publish set in my D&D campaign world.

I talk about the Silver Hornet.

Linked solely for the last two lines:
And that's what I do: I beat junk until it works!

...wait, that didn't come out right.

"Insanity" includes GPS-enabled home HVAC thermostats, Greta Thunberg, and a horrifying graphic novel version of Have Space Suit--Will Travel.

Finished the bathroom.

"Train-based 1984 bullshit" and I laughed.

"Five years ago this was all science fiction--all of it!--and the idea of successfully landing three boosters (let alone one) was a pipe dream."

Another 50,000 words about how fast computers are.

Mrs. Fungus and I finally bought the bunker, after two years.

We went to Montreal and Niagara Falls!

Everything posted on Saturday, May 25, 2019, was pretty good. Especially the stuff about the C64.

More thoughts about my SF universe.

11 years betweeen oil filters is probably not a good idea.

A music video post!

The neighborhood flooded for the first time in years.

You cannot cut down the tree; you must move. Thanks a ton, ComEd.

Creative writing and Kenji Kawai. I'm not sure what the connection is.

Pity I couldn't come up with more of that song. 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing. If we can send a man to the Moon, why can't we send a man to the Moon?

Achernar goes live. $250 worth of parts put into a case I already had, and it's fast.

Memes I stole from Imgur.

Job offer, less than a month after losing the work-from-home job.

Spare room painted "socially lime"!

My second day of training, actually posted from a hotel room in Houston, TX.

The runup to Christmastime, 2019.

Finally bought a stand mixer!

2019's Christmas vignette, "The Nativity".

I only had the plugs for, what, two years? Three?

And #7000, because let's see what happens!

Man, seven thousand posts. Here's to the next thousand!

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