atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7002: Under the Lighthouse

What sucks about not being able to draw--

Closed the browser on the tablet and decided just to listen to Pandora for a bit; turned off the lights and resumed my seat in my rocking chair, eyes closed. A song came on that I hadn't heard before, and as I sat there listening to it, manga images formed in my mind: a lighthouse on a rock. A smiling teenaged guy on a 10-speed coming around a corner on a seaside road. A girl with long hair and a serious expression. The two of them venturing into a cave just off the beach below the lighthouse.

The images, taken together, coalesced into a coherent scenario. She's a shrine maiden, and he's the son of a fisherman. It's a small town on the coast, of course. They're childhood friends, and in their second year of high school--as summer vacation is beginning--they uncover the ancient horror which is beginning its prophesied reawakening. Together, they gain experience fighting the monsters that are stirred by the awakening evil.

I can see, in my head, what the images should look like...but if I were to try to draw them I know what would happen.


The ability to draw is nothing more than the ability to see, and to connect what you see with the way you move the pencil. But that connection is extremely difficult to develop, particularly when you (like me) have absolutely no formal training whatsoever. Other than one junior college sketching class in 1999.)

But, what the hey. There's nothing wrong with what I can do, after all.

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