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#7004: Miscellany

The first time I heard Chumbuwamba's "Tubthumping" was May 1, 1998. A friend had gotten married that day; I was in the wedding party along with other people I knew.

Wish I could say the wedding was wonderful, but it was a hell of a thing. The bride was manipulative and jealous, to the point that she eventually managed to end all his friendships. The wedding was the first warning sign. Yeesh.

I mean, just as an example: the wedding and reception were held at a local non-church venue, and the groomsmen were expected to put away all the tables and chairs afterwards. There were a lot of hard feelings over that entire event, which many of us were adults about and simply let slide. But sadly that ended up being just the earliest of a long chain of such incidents, and people got tired of letting things slide.

Anyway, two of the other groomsmen and I went out afterwards. They wanted to hit the local singles' scene and I just didn't feel like going home yet. We were still in our tuxes, even. So we went to a dance club on the east side of town and had some drinks.

I can't dance. I sat there and wondered about life and watched the people around me. At one point, my friends were dancing on a subwoofer, and this song came on. It was too loud and I couldn't understand the words, so here's what I heard:
I get no town!
But I get up again!
You're never gonna keep ee town!
Repeated like four times, and then a verse that was similarly garbled; and that chorus repeated again and again. I knew those weren't the words, so I kept trying to get what they were, but it was so noisy in there my ears were overloaded. Anyway the song was kind of catchy but utterly unintelligible.

As for my friends, after a while I took my leave of them. I didn't want to drink too much and I wasn't comfortable with trying to find a hookup. We all left the place about the same time, me going home and them going elsewhere. I never learned if they got lucky that night, but I suppose it doesn't much matter anyway.

As for the song, by mid-summer I had an MP3 of it, one of the first MP3s I ever had, in fact. Not because it was particularly good, but because MP3s had bascially only just started being something, and I only had a bare handful of them.

The band is a bunch of unremediated shitheads--socialist douchebags to a one--so I never felt bad about pirating the song. It is, as I said, catchy, and it can pick you up when you're feeling de-energized. But that's about all I can say for it.

...but when it comes on, I sing, "I get no town! But I get up again! You're never gonna keep ee town!" because it amuses me.

* * *

This is one of those late January weekends where I get mired in ennui. There's nothing I feel like doing, and whatever I think of sounds either like too much work or is too uninteresting to bother with.

Been reading HajiGal (Hajimete no Gyaru, I think) and enjoying it, but got kind of tired of it. Had a bowl of some variety of Progresso beef soup and felt a bit better, but still totally without energy. Argh etc.

* * *

Put a coil pack in Mrs. Fungus' car. The OBD2-to-bluetooth dongles I bought don't work with my cell phone, of course, but my tablet was able to sync with them just fine. Read the codes from her car with it, cleared them, then replaced the failing coil. The app is called "Torque Lite" and it also lets you collect telemetry from the car's computer. So, once I was done with her car, I moved over to the Jeep and gave it a try there. Neat. (No codes in the Jeep's computer. Good to hear.)

Tablet is Samsung; phone is LG. Both Korean companies. I don't understand why the LG can't connect to the OBD2 gizmo. Annoying.

* * *

What I should do is to go get some anime lined up on Achernar and watch it. I don't even feel like doing that. *whimper*

I already had a nap today. Even without that it's too early for bed. I'm a mess.

But, what the heck--spend a little time looking through Amazon Prime and Netflix to see if there's anything new and good available. Better than sitting here looking at crap on Imgur.

Such a stimulating life I lead. Well, it beats the alternative!

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