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#7006: Don't judge me. I needed this.

Mrs. Fungus asked me, last night, to take a day off with her. She's got a problem with her knee again, and the doctor advised her to rest it. I resisted, at least at first; then I said, "Let's see how you feel tomorrow."

She went to bed early. I went to bed around the usual time...and I could not get to sleep. The same depression that enveloped me for most of Monday was back, magnified by the darkness in the bedroom. The depression by itself was--well, not tolerable, but I could work around it. The problem was the sensation that there was an unending tsunami of world-ending despair looming just outside of immediate distance. A mass of blackness threatening to engulf everything.

Anxiety and depression at the same time, I thought wryly, and had a Xanax.

We woke up at the usual time, discussed it, and both of us called off work. My reason for calling off is to assist her--she cannot walk without a great deal of pain--but it is nonetheless fortuitous, because I really needed a "mental health" day. If she had made the decision to go to work, I would have as well. My day would probably have not been very productive, but I would have gone.

I am such a pussy compared to my dad. He went to work with the frigging flu, for crying out loud.


* * *

Just look at the guy's name, for crying out loud. "Steinbaum". A guy with the surname "Steinbaum" is complaining about the Zionist conspiracy. "As long as Israel exists," he complains, "my own safety is directly threatened."

Irony: deceased.

* * *

Three links, all about the same thing.

If you voted for Donald Trump, you must be stupid!

Hey, that Donald Trump, isn't he stupid?

All of which demonstrates, yet again, that the left has one insult, and one joke.

"This [one-liner] has gone viral, of course, but for the opposite reason than its architects hoped: Because it is pathetic."

...and it consists of saying, "Donald Trump and the people who elected him are stupid! Ahh ha ha ha ha ha!"

And then they wonder why people have stopped listening to them.

* * *

Related, a two-fer about Little Hitler:

Incoherent nonsense about the "gun violence prevention movement" having started "centuries" ago. By "almost entirely black, brown, and indigenous lgbtq women and nonbinary people".

Do they teach any history at Harvard? I mean, actual history? The history which is about people who, you know, did things? Things that actually happened?

Of course they don't. Get real.

Same blog, different writer: "This is little more than an ignorant bouillabaisse of Woke Social Justice jargon in a gun control broth."

* * *

A credible case for Joe Biden winning the Democrat nomination. Joe Biden will not win the nomination, though, unless the Democrats pull another "superdelegate switcharoo" like they did in 2016.

I'd like to think that the Democrat party leadership is not composed in its entirety of incompetent elites who think their shit doesn't stink (see the bit above about CNN) and that they were capable of learning from history--but if we have learned anything about them in the last three years, it's that they are oblivious to anything outside their own echo chamber. Their inability to accept the election victory of Donald Trump, coupled with their incontinent desire to reverse it, has served to alienate a significant sector of the moderate voters--and they're oblivious to that, so much that they think this is what winning looks like, that impeaching Donald Trump at the height of his popularity is a winning strategy.

Not realizing that one reason Trump has reached this acme of popularity is, in part, because they are obviously persecuting him, for spurious and trumped-up (heh) reasons.

The thing is, impeachment is being driven by the left wing of the party. Nancy Pelosi didn't want to impeach Trump, having at least enough political acumen to understand the consequences of trying to impeach a popular President. She was around in the 1990s, after all, when the GOP tried impeaching Clinton--and the GOP had something, an actual black-letter crime that Clinton had committed while in office. (Federal perjury, for the record.)

The Democrats' ability to impeach Trump based on his conversation with the president of Ukraine was over the instant Trump released the unedited transcript of the conversation. There is nothing there.

As popular as socialism is among the youngest voters, and among the coastal elites, it's a losing proposition elsewhere. Bernie Sanders cannot win the general election against Trump; in fact, I don't think there's a serious Democrat contender who can. (Tulsi Gabbard had a shot. That's over now.)

For Bernie Sanders to win nomination and get routed by Trump actually strengthens the Democrat party. So it's got to be Biden or someone else.

Problem is, I don't think it will be. We're not that lucky.

* * *

Coronavirus came from people eating bats. So-called "exotic" foods are only such because the people who eat them have no other choice.

We cook our food in part to kill bacteria and other infectious agents. For crying out loud.

* * *

I just realized that when I had breakfast (leftover fajitas from last night) I absent-mindedly chewed on the left side of my mouth, and it didn't bother me at all. Not even afterwards.


The fajitas were fantastic. I took a big onion, and sliced it up, and then had a green pepper, a yellow pepper, and a red pepper, and sliced them up. Sauteed them in butter while I sauteed two pounds of sliced chicken breast in butter in another pan. Once they were both done, dumped the chicken and its juices atop the vegetables, added two packets of the sauce mix, stirred well, and let it simmer for a bit. The result was my big frying pan full of chiken fajita mix. My wife and I each had three fajitas, and there was a big bowl left, and even after we breakfasted on leftovers there is still enough for at least another meal.

The store had Mountain Dew Zero, and I have heard good things about it, so I tried it. It's...well, it's Mountain Dew, still zero calories, but the flavor is a bit different. Seems okay to me, though.

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