atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7010: O how i laughed

Reading Komi-san Can't Communicate on Mangadex--having given in to the fiend temptation--I came across this one panel which made me laugh and laugh and laugh.

The delayed reaction is something that usually gets me. Not always, but usually. This one was delayed by weeks or even months. Tadano is laying in bed thinking about how he's felt a little out-of-sorts since the school's cultural festival, and then he realizes why.

* * *

There's a mistake here.
Trump supporters also have greater science knowledge than voters who supported Clinton in 2016. According to the survey, "on six questions Trump supporters offer the correct answer significantly more often than Clinton supporters."
The mistake is in thinking that leftists and Democrats actually give a rip about science.

What the left cares about is power. So if the science supports them gaining more power, it's fact and you're stupid and crazy to deny it. But if the science does not support them gaining more power, then it's racist and bigoted and "white privilege" and should be ignored.

Example of the former: anthropogenic global warming.

Example of the latter: the biological facts of sex.

The left exists in a delusional world where "fact" is irrelevant, and the only important thing is knowing what is the right (ie the politically correct) answer to any given question. They insist on changing the definitions of words to suit them, and as we've already seen "scientific fact" is whatever is most politically expedient, so you can understand why any survey you take where they have to get the right (traditionally correct) answers to a set of questions is inherently racist and oppressive and will naturally make Trump supporters look smarter.

* * *

Again, there's an error here. To Democrats, a "fair" election is one where they win. Any election they lose is, by definition, an unfair one.

The election of Al Franken to be Senator, which took multiple recounts until they finally found enough votes to elect him: fair.

The 2016 Presidential election, where Trump won election using an electoral system which has been unchanged for over two centuries: unfair.

Yes, Democrats govern using rules made up by toddlers.

* * *

There will come a time when the deaths of people flying into space will be about as notable as a passenger jet crash is today.

That won't make it any better, of course.

* * *

This has been, so far, a mild winter. The temperatures have averaged above freezing and most of the precipitation has been rain; the little bit of snow we've gotten has not even been inconvenient. With January behind us and the days getting longer again, I figure there's going to be one big sockeroo of winter weather that gets us before spring. That's the way years like this usually go; we dodge the nasty stuff for most of it, but then we get a day with a lot of snow. We'll see, I guess.

I'm not worried. Maybe I should be.

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