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#7014: Catastrophic failure

As many others have observed, Democrats want to run the country, but they can't even manage to caucus in a single state without needing someone to cue up "Yakity Sax".

Let's start here. The Democrat caucus in Iowa last night was a complete clusterfuck, screwed up so badly that no one knows who won yet. Best information I've got is Buttplug has the most delegates, Sanders has the most votes, Fauxcahontas is third and Uncle "Creepy" Joe "Plugs" Biden is #4.

So much for the great white hope.

Pixy Misa says it best. "An online voting app with just 2000 users crashed under the load and reduced the state of Iowa to ashes. Andrew Yang hardest hit."</a>

App developed by a Democrat-connected woman-owned business and it doesn't look like they hire people based on their ability to write programs that work, does it?

Going back to that first link, apparently a CBS reporter said that the debacle will allow Trump to "claim" the Democrats are in disarray--but it's not a "claim" when you're just describing what's actually taking place. That entire first link is full of delicious snark and schadenfreude.

Anyway, the partial results are showing Pete Buttplug in the lead, and Bernie supporters aren't happy about it.
a lot of Bernie Supporters were complaining that even though Bernie was soundly defeating Mayor Cheat at the caucuses, he somehow kept getting the same number of caucus votes as Mayor Cheat.

In other votes, the candidates who didn't get enough votes to be "viable" sent their votes to Mayor Cheat to deny Sanders the win.
And it gets even better than that! Democrat caucuser didn't know that Mayor Pete Buttplug was a homosexual.

Nothing like an informed voter, I always say!!

Russian bots are to blame, of course.

It's certainly not because the wrong person won.

It certainly does defy easy understanding.

Karl Denninger is impressed.

"A tiny, flaccid caucus." Heh.

Here's the facts as I see them: the Des Moines Register poll said Bernie Sanders was going to win, so they quashed it. Then it came time to caucus and Bernie Sanders was winning.

That last link:
There's a word for all this: caesarism. It means "maintaining the sham of representative government--candidates, elections, debates, and so forth--while a not-so-secret cabal of bigshots actually runs things."
And what's happening here is that the Democrat party does not want Bernie Sanders to win the nomination, not the least because he's not actually a Democrat (between elections he's "independent") but also because his unbridaled communist platform will make the river of money dry up.

Democrats want to be in control of the country. They don't want Bernie Sanders and his fellow travelers to take over, because the Democrats will be sent to the gulags as quickly as the Republicans will. Look at what happened to Trotsky, for crying out loud.

* * *

I, too, have absolutely no trouble with this policy. Look: the rights of expression and assembly do not cover sedition or terrorism or rioting.

* * *

Sanders is winning for a reason. I agree that the Republican party has to stand against the kind of predatory capitalism discussed in that post.

* * *

So the guy who led the impeachment proceedings against Trump is saying that unless Trump is stopped, he'll sell Alaska to the Russians.


* * *

Meanwhile, despite the impeachment, Trump's approval rating is at an all-time high.

* * *

Chicago's found a way to deal with the gang problem but it's a bit messy. Simply stop paying attention to gang affiliations and start jailing random gangsters together. The problem then becomes self-correcting.

* * *

As for me, I'm going to go read manga and try to relax. Had anxiety all day.

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