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#7020: This will be quietly ignored by the media, of course

A Democrat psychopath drove a van through a GOP voter registration tent.

Florida law has special provisions for crimes against senior citizens. Since two of the people endangered by this Democrat lunatic were over 65, what would have been a third-degree felony charge is instead a second-degree felony charge, and the potential jail time triples. And check out that mugshot: "Why'm I bein' arrested? I only did what you're supposed to do to nazis!" The irony of the situation is utterly lost on that tower of intellect.

Made obscene gestures at the victims after running through the tent. Way to go, genius: give everyone a chance both to see your stupid mug and to take down the license plate number of your weapon vehicle.

"Just a typical Democrat-Socialist loon, exercising his right to deny the rights of anyone who disagrees with him."

As for me, I think it's sensible at this point to emulate the Democrats and issue a call for common sense van control. We need to have a five-day waiting period for vans, and we especially need to emplace a ban on assault vans as soon as possible in order to avoid future tragedies like this one.

* * *

She claims to have majored in economics when she was in college but after leaving her job making coffee she went to the House of Representatives, and cited the economic theories of "Milton Keynes".

"Hey," you say, "she just made a mistake while speaking!"

Yeah, she did. But I am reliably informed that when a Republican makes a mistake while speaking, it indicates that he's unfit to hold office because it indicates how stupid he is. Sauce for the goose.

* * *

There must be zero crime in Hillsborough County, Florida. No robbery, no drugs, no violence, no rapes, no murders, no prostitution, nothing but a rampaging mob of unlicensed handimen terrorizing the countryside!

This mercenary band of cutthroat fix-it men was arrested by the brave Sheriff's department, at great risk, and the people of Hillsborough County, Florida, can rest easy again knowing that the people they hire for home repair will be people who have properly paid their licensing fees to the government!

* * *

Fred Reed makes some good points here in his article about academic performance but I want to talk about his choice of framing for the story: maglev high-speed rail.

He starts his article by saying, "China has an upcoming maglev train that will run at 373 miles an hour. By comparison, the United States increasingly looks like a country from an earlier age."

But here's the thing: the United States has the ability to build magnetic levitation trains. The fact that we don't have them has nothing to do with ability but with need. I've said it and said it: if intercity rail were profitable--if there were an economic need for it--the federal government wouldn't have had to invent Amtrak.

We don't have high-speed rail or maglev trains or any of that stuff because it is economically unnecessary. The cost to build and maintain the track far exceeds the economic benefit of doing so. Simply put, it's a waste of time, money, and resources.

99% of rail traffic in the USA is freight, and freight doesn't need high-speed rail. And there is an economic need for rail freight (evidence: there are still companies selling the service). But passenger rail--especially intercity--is a money-losing proposition. Amtrak has never operated in the black, not once in its forty-odd years of existence.

China has a very large and poor rural population that can't afford personal transportation; it makes sense for them to have a robust rail system, particularly considering that the commisars don't want the proletariat to be particularly mobile. If someone has a car, he can drive as long as he can get fuel for the thing, and potentially avoid government scrutiny of his movement. But with trains and other public transportation, the government can tightly control--and record--who goes where, and when, and how.

Well, on the other hand, I don't know what other framing he could have picked. We're still the world leader in aerospace and computation, and everyone still wants to come to America to learn how to do things. I suppose high-speed rail is the one thing we don't do--but as I said, it's for a reason.

* * *

This is why I don't have any high regard for reporters. I don't even like calling them "journalists" because that's a term they like to use to inflate their egos. You sit in front of a teleprompter and talk to a TV camera--you're not a "journalist" and calling you a "reporter" is only accurate in a technical sense. You read news: you're a "newsreader". And the people who go out and write the stories are scarcely any better. Most of the time they don't want the facts because those will only get in the way of the narrative; and I believe people who've been in the news (call them "journalism-involved people") whose stories have been gotten utterly wrong.

"Never talk to the press," says Vox Day, and I take that advice to heart. Letting their imaginations go wild to write whatever they want, but with the caveat "So-and-so declined to be interviewed", however they say it, is much better than you lending credibility to their flights of fancy with a couple of out-of-context quotes from your interview.

(Not that I've needed that advice. But.)

It's made worse by the fact that they don't know jack shit about what they're reporting on. I mean, none of them do! Every so often a science article pops up here in the Fungus where I make fun of the person writing it because it's a useless mishmash. The reporter has so little understanding of what he's reporting on that he goes by the notes he took during the interview, but they're just as incoherent as he is because he didn't understand it then either.

They lack the training to understand what people are saying to them; and then they mock those people as being less intelligent than they because they didn't go to college. Or to the right colleges.

Okay, example: Paul Krugman. He got a message from "our IT department" that his IP address had been compromised and that "hackers" were storing chylde pr0n on his computer! He had to act at once!

...anyone with slightly more than passing familiarity with the technology knows that you can't compromise an IP address, any more than you can compromise your street address. Besides, the dominant version of TCP/IP in use right now doesn't have nearly enough addresses to give every last Internet-connected device a unique one, so the IP address of Krugman's computer isn't a static number assigned to that specific computer and no other. In all likelihood, sitting in his office at the NYT, his computer has an IP address on the corporate network, but that can't be seen from outside that network because the company has (here's a term everyone recognizes) a firewall that prevents such access.

Let me make it simple: every house that has a router in it has as the router address. The first time you plug your computer into that router, the instructions tell you to go to that address with your browser and login as ADMIN so you can set up a unique password blah blah blah. Okay? So, how many addresses do you think are out there? So on your home network your computer's IP address is or .3 or .4 or something--and that's the same for every home network out there that's not managed by a total networking nerd.

Krugman doesn't know any of that. He just knows that magic box goes blinky-blinky and shows him nekkid bobs and vagene.

* * *

(Yes it is possible for a computer to be compromised in various ways--malware etc--but you can't just hack an IP address FFS.)

* * *

Claiming to be "for the downtrodden" was always--and is--just a masquerade. Socialism has always claimed the mantle of caring and has always said it's about freeing the little people...but socialism has also always been the ideology of liars.

They want to enslave you. That's all it's ever been about.

* * *

Pixy Misa discusses, among other things, Birds of Prey:
Why is Birds of Prey bombing at the box office? (CinemaBlend)

Because the director chose a non-canonical grouping of a second-tier story for an ultra-violent R-rated girl-power wokegasm and there just aren't that many purple-haired college students, no matter how things may appear on Tumblr.
Same formula as Suicide Squad where they take a bunch of murderous, evil people and make them the protagonists of the story.

I kind of had a feeling that as soon as I saw the glowing review at Arse Technica that this would be the case.

Here's the problem: murderous evil. Whether it's woke grrl-power or not, the characters are not good people. Okay, Deadpool is nominally a good guy. The movies are incredibly violent but he's fighting against bad people. Deadpool isn't someone who needs to be locked up most of the time because he's a violent psychopath. Unlike Harley Quinn.

As for me, I have less interest in this movie than I did in Suicide Squad. Bleah.

* * *

Oumuamua and the Epstein Drive. "Epstein Drive" being the fusion-powered spaceship drives in The Expanse.

...and that does it. That's perfect. A theoretical fusion drive that's hyper-efficient and provides a shit-ton of thrust. It's science!

For fusion drives in my SF stories, this is perfect. Well--this, plus a significant amount of handwavium to explain other important details. But even so, I'm glad I saw this, because it helps to crystallize my nascent ideas.

To be fair, though, I had already picked up on Larry Niven's use of fusion spacedrives as my exemplar.

* * *

The snow that was 100% likely to happen has arrived. Got up earlier than desired due to cat issues; now I'm going to go lay down for a little while longer.

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