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#702: More headline blather (and dumb spam; it's a two-fer!)

This blog post echoes some of the same sentiments I was discussing here. (Via.) The post explains--a little more crisply than I did--what it is that the current crop of movies about the Iraq war lack.

Ever read Clancy's The Hunt for Red October? Eh? Well, apparently this "incident caused consternation in the U.S. Navy." "Consternation"? That's putting it mildly. That's understating the F-ing hell out of it.

That's a serious fricking issue, let me tell you. If the Chinese had been interested in starting a war just then, we'd have started it down an aircraft carrier!

OTOH the Chinese captain may have blundered. Now that the US Navy knows they can do this, expect sonar operators to get refresher courses in how to detect quiet subs and expect the US Navy to step up its anti-sub warefare training...a lot.

Google, as noted below, commemorates Veterans' Day. Finally.

Jones Cola's weird holiday sodas will be a bit different this year.

Where I work we always get about a pallet or so of this stuff, and about half of it always ends up being sold on clearance in January because no one seriously likes to drink meat-flavored soda. Okay? When the Kzinti invade, maybe then there will be a market for the stuff, but not until then.

<* * *>

Hey, Sex Performance is back! And he says:

...well, I guess it's not important.

arreno needs to look at a calendar before he writes e-mail.

This Josef Guy stresses the important of astronaut safety and following the pre-flight checklist.

Owen Brown, you are telling me to do something I am already doing. But your concern is appreciated.

Walker shows a serious ignorance of how higher education works. You don't get "nominated" for an MBA any more than you get "nominated" to be a doctor or an atomic physicist! (I italicized it because that phrase should always be emphasized.)

What you do is:

a) graduate from college
b) take a test
c) apply for graduate school
d) pay a lot of money
e) ...
f) profit!

But it's okay. We understand.

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