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#7025: What's the point??

Mrs. Fungus wants a banana cake for Valentine's Day. You can't just buy a banana cake mix from the supermarket. So I found a recipe, and it calls for (among other things) 3/4 cup of buttermilk.

All I could find is reduced fat buttermilk, to which I say, "What's the point of that?"


Oh well.

* * *

Modern corporate management, and why Butt-edge-edge is a useless git.

* * *

There needs to be one change made to this assertion:
What’s important to know about the progressive tax proposal is that (1) currently, there are no tax hikes proposed for anyone making net incomes of $250,000 and below, and that (2) those with net incomes of $750,000 or more would be hit with a massive 60 percent income tax hike.
And that is to add the phrase "not right away" at the end of (1).

Because if Pritzger gets his progressive tax system, everyone's taxes WILL go up. Anyone who is a net payor of income tax in Illinois will, sooner or later, see his tax rate rise precipitously.

* * *

I agree, Apple is pretty evil. Remember that they valued their corporate campus at $600 so they don't have to pay property tax in California. Perfectly legal, of course. The same goes for them using what's essentially slave labor in China.

But, hey! As long as people have their iPhones, they don't care!

* * *

Of course, since it's election season, TV is awash with lying Democrat ads.

* * *


Had a pre-arranged day off today to run errands, but after running them I came home and ran the snowblower (started on first pull!) and salted the driveway. Now I'm all sleepy.

Could be worse, though.

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