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#7026: First really cold night of the season

This has been a warm winter so far, but tonight we're hitting single digits, and might even go a bit below zero. Radio said "-1" and the weather web site is saying "-6". It won't set any records, but it's still cold out there.

And I need to take out the trash. I suppose I'll go do that while it's still above zero.

* * *

So, Democrats are panicking that they'll have to support Bernie Sanders.

Democrats, for years--decades--have pretended mightily that they are not socialists of one stripe or another. They have never been able to win office when they tell the truth about themselves, except under certain limited conditions; they run to the right and govern to the left.

The Democrats don't oppose Bernie Sanders because of what he wants to do; they oppose him because of how he wants to do it. The Democrats have no real objections to socializing medicine and pushing taxes to the breaking point and-and-and as long as they remain in charge and the gravy train continues. But a Bernie Sanders regime won't do that; two or so years after he gets into office, you can expect latter-day Bolsheviks to clean house and--as I said in a prior post--your average Democrat gets sent to the gulags a couple weeks after the Republicans do.

* * *

The Overnight Open Thread links to a story about the coronavirus epidemic which voices the concerns a lot of us have.

Ace of Spades HQ writer WierdDave says:
I do wish I knew what the real story was. China is lying, that's a given, but by how much? Their actions do not match a country of a billion and a half people dealing with a couple of thousand deaths. But what's the real story? I don't know. I don't even know if the footage "smuggled" out showing violent detention of people and dead folks on the streets is real either. If only there were a group of people, or some organizations, dedicated to investigating current events and letting the rest of us know what is going on.
Ha! American reporters don't want to work that hard. Besides, they might get arrested or killed. It's a lot easier to regurgitate the latest Democrat press release about Trump than it is to go to China and dig around and see what you see, then come back here and report on it. Besides, isn't there some kind of flu-thing going on over there? You'd have to be nuts to expose yourself to that.

Here's the article and this is the point I've been trying to make all along:
It is also clear to me as a physician--listening to the Chinese doctors--and viewing footage from the hospitals and clinics--that this is many orders of magnitude worse than what they are saying. Common sense will tell you that as well--are they really going to torpedo their entire industrial heartland for months--just because 300 people have died?--I think not--I think this is way worse than we can possibly imagine.
I suppose we're just going to have to wait it out. I don't think that "this is way worse than we can possibly imagine" but it is almost certainly worse than the communist Chinese government is letting on.

Kind of reminds me of the Chernobyl incident in 1986. Communist Russia tried to bareface its way past that thing. Remember?

* * *

Meteorological spring is five weeks away. The wait for continuous spring weather is probably about twice that.

* * *

Yesterday, I did not get as much done as I'd hoped to. Besides shipping out a freshly-imaged computer for a new employee at one of my satellite locations, I went to one of my off-sites with a list of four things to do--two complicated things and two easy ones. I got one of the easy ones done. The other two I think (I hope) I made some progress on.

The "to do" list slowly diminishes. When I left work Wednesday night, I had five tasks and something like 16 incidents in my queue. I want to cut them both down as far as I can, obviously, so I'll be in a position to work issues as they occur rather than having to prioritize--and hopefully I'll be waiting a lot. We'll see how that goes.

Once my queues are empty I've got a lot of cleaning and organizing to do. I'm hearing tell that our location shuts down for a couple weeks in May, so that's when I'll be replacing UPS batteries and stuff like that.

Here's hoping.

* * *

Well, better get after that trash, I suppose.

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