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#7027: Uh...maybe not.

So, had a bit of downtime today and had a gander at the web site for the place that has that Jeep Wrangler that caught my eye.

Asking price: $24,000.


2016 Wrangler Sport, 32k miles, V6, 4WD, etc. NADA says $22k is about the right price for the thing. I did the math and concluded that as long as I got a reasonable deal, and the interest rate wasn't too usurious, I'd pay about $375 a month for it. That's paying $22k for the thing, putting down $1k and getting $1k for the Cherokee as a trade-in.

Probably a bit optimistic on one or two fronts. Pessimistic assumptions, $400 a month.

Doable--I can afford it--but do I want to?

The real problem here is that the Wrangler is Jeep's signature vehicle. It's got serious off-road chops and isn't a grocery-getter SUV. And they're priced accordingly; you can pay $60,000 for a brand-new Jeep Wrangler variant if you really want to. And that's probably not even the upper limit.

The thing is, I don't want to take out that big of a loan, especially not for a used car. Let's face it: a brand-new Renegade runs, list price, about $30k, as do several other SUVs out there on the market. FFS I bet I could get a 2020 Cherokee for $27k or so, with some shrewd bargaining and a bit of luck. I priced them not long ago; that was with a 6-cylinder engine and 4WD. (I just now priced one: MSRP is under $28,000. So maybe $26k.)

Anyway, that price took the wind out of that particular set of sails. If I end up replacing the Cherokee, I want to get something that's as capable, but I'm not going to be foolish about it.

But now I know why that Wrangler, pretty as it is, has sat there as long as it has: why spend $24k on a used truck when you can buy a new one for a few thousand more?

My parents paid $20k for the house I live in, FFS.

* * *

Lately I've been amusing myself with little cartoons featuring Gilgo Gaggins, who is a weird-looking guy with an oblong head and a tiny body. First thing I drew was him saying, "I haz to go on adventure!" and I was hooked. I started drawing highlights from The Hobbit, like him standing on a floating barrel saying, "Dorfs in barrlz!" and a moan ("oooooog") coming from the barrel itself. Other scenes, which ought to be obvious to those who've seen the Rankin-Bass cartoon version:

"I Gandold, wiz!
"So what go away."

"Well, you thief! Go down and rob stuff!"

Elrind: "Stand by rock / when bird knock / then the sun / shine on lock."
Dorfs: ooo ooo
Gilgo: ooo

"die super-spids!"
"run away we are no match for Stong"

"o no Thorne's ded"

"neato the ding makes me unseen"

...and I find it all so compelling I can't stop trying to think of more and more scenes. Today I drew Krodo Gaggins (Frodo) standing by some doors with Bormor.

"They haz cave trol"
"o no"

Meanwhile Gandold is yelling, "Fool of a Take!" And Popin is looking downcast and saying, "i bad"


This is the kind of thing that only I find amusing, I know, because I'm weird and stupid.

Just livin' the dream, here.

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