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#7030: Purity tests always get them

Bloomberg protested by leftists and, even better, that post includes tweets promising that Bloomberg's supporters will be put on a "list". And as noted by the writer:
Every Socialist and Fascist (just two flavors of Leftist) government of the 20th century created lists of dissidents. The people on those lists had their ashes scattered across Germany or were buried in mass graves in Poland or Siberia.
The fact is that leftism always leads to tyranny and horror, every time, because it absolutely cannot do anything else. The entire premise of the ideology is based on wishful thinking and a gross misunderstanding of human nature; the practitioners of it have been--to a man--the authors of mass murder on a scale that was unprecedented before the 20th century.

"Maybe I'm being overly negative," he concludes, "but what I see in the future for the Left is terrible for America." But leftism always ends up with the gulag, the gas chamber, the kiln, the mass grave. It cannot be otherwise.

* * *

70-odd years' worth of photos show the progression of communism in Cuba.
The once vibrant island nation of Cuba is but another place where socialism added to its unbroken trail of failure. The country's capital, Havana, was once an international tourist destination. Known as the "Jewel of the Caribbean," Havana was a glamorous city with beautiful homes and modern vehicles. After six decades of socialism, only the communist rulers and their cronies live in upscale homes, and the country's poorly maintained roads are traveled by junker cars built in the middle of the last century.
The left insists that Cuba's poverty is caused by America's refusal to trade with them. But the trade embargo that was emplaced by the US only covers Americans, else the Soviet Union would not have been able to ship missiles there in time to cause John F. Kennedy's Cuban Missile Crisis. The entire rest of the world can trade with Cuba as it sees fit.

And quoth Wikipedia, "Cuba can, and does, conduct international trade with many countries, including many US allies."

So explain to me how one country--even the largest economy in the world--can cause seven plus decades of poverty simply by refusing trade with that country? When other countries can and do trade with it, with impunity?

As is the case with most leftist arguments, it's crap. The trade embargo isn't the cause of Cuba's poverty; communism is.

* * *

Puerto Rico is a mess and I think the US ought to cut it loose. We don't need a 51st state. Do with them what we should have done long ago, what we did with the Philippines.

* * *

Missing the forest for the trees. Trump tweeted, a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote, "When you strike at a king, you must kill him," and the Democrats all got the vapors: "He sees himself as a king!!!" and they took to their fainting couches, as if Barack Hussein had not been one of the most imperial Presidents in history.

But having been acquitted by the Senate, Trump now has the freedom to clean house.

The left, of course, insists that it "wasn't a fair trial" and that "at a trial, you have witnesses!" but impeachment isn't a trial. Congress was given the impeachment process as a way to check the actions of a President who is otherwise out of control; it is (it was designed to be) a purely political process. In other words, a Congress can remove a President whenever it wants to as long as the votes are present. "Whenever it wants to," which is why the barriers against actually doing so are as high as they are.

By definition, Democrats do not like it when Republicans use their tactics. But the thing is, inevitably, all the changes they make to secure a temporary advantage end up biting them in the ass later on.

* * *

The completely predictable result of action always seems to escape Democrats...except that I maintain it does not in the case of "criminal justice reform". CJR is designed to ensure there is as much crime taking place as possible, in order to set the stage for restrictive gun laws.

Back when I was reforming the canon for my SF universe, and building an Alternity campaign setting in it, I made the point that crime is a very useful tool to a would-be tyrant. You see, if crime is high, the public expects the government to do something about it. Make crime bad enough and the government can say, "Look, we need to control guns," and the public will go along with it. That won't curtail crime one whit--it'll make it worse, because by definition criminals don't obey laws--and so then the government can shake its head sadly and say, "Nope, looks like we have to ban them outright!" If crime is bad enough, the people go along. And then the government cracks down on crime hard and crime goes away. And then the government raises taxes, or limits other civil rights, or-or-or, and the people protest. which point the government smiles wickedly and says, "Heh heh heh...suckers." And throws all the protestors into the gulags.

It is not a coincidence that the proponents of CJR are leftists.

* * *

Betelgeuse again, a short article about the recent dimming and the lumpiness and-and-and.

Say it again: probably not blowing up any time soon. But we don't really know.

* * *

While waiting for wife's pills at the store yesterday, I got stuff for chili. Yellow peppers were the same price as green, so I got one of each. Ought to be quite tasty.

I'm just about at the point where I'm going to start buying a loaf of bread when I go to the store and it's been more than a day or so since I last bought it. I was just there yesterday and now I'm low on bread. WTF.

* * *

Weather is projected to be on the warm side this week--upper 30s during the day--and I don't mind at all. The cold snap we just had a few days ago was brutal, all the more so because the mild winter had not prepared me for it.

Hard to believe that in a few months I'll need to run the air conditioner to keep it livable in here.

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