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#7032: It's a lot of fun to see this kind of thing happening

The story is so ridiculous I despair of explaining it in simple terms so let's just blockquote something from the post:
So white Sandernistas are calling black Sandernistas racist for wanting to retain their ability to defend themselves against the likes of white maxi-government enthusiasts. Go figure.
They got into a physical altercation</i> over the black man's shirt that read "Black Guns Matter".

Second part--the girl coming up to the podium and taking his microphone from him, and all he can do is shamble away. Where is his security detail FFS??

...then the girl, in the midst of her incoherent ramblings, takes her top off why?

I do not understand these morons.

What I do understand is that if Sanders somehow gets the nod despite the Democrat party's best efforts, Trump will annihilate him in the debates.

* * *

What in the fucking hell--? It took some work to puzzle out what's going on here, but I think I've got it: the communist Chinese government tried to make propaganda points out of nurses having their heads sheared so they can wear protective garments when they're sent into the hot zone. Only the chicoms muffed it, and the propaganda made people angry.

Here's the problem: you make a populous country like China angry enough, and not all the guns and tanks in the world will be enough to keep you from dancing Danny Deever from a light pole, and Xi Jinping knows it. When Mao unleashed the Cultural Revolution in the 1960s, it rapidly went nonlinear, and the absolute last thing the Chinese government can afford is for something like that to happen again. They have enough trouble as it is, with the cornavirus and the quarantines and the economic damage that all that is doing to them.

I keep seeing story after story about how this or that business has been affected by the quarantines. Automakers in Europe are starting to worry about having parts on hand to build cars. Apple is worried about having enough iPhones to sell. Natural gas isn't being paid for by Chinese buyers. Russia has just emplaced a total ban on Chinese people entering the country.

The chicom response to the outbreak has not matched what they're telling us about the infection and death rates for it. The quarantines are draconian and massive and threaten to half strangle the entire country's economy. Meanwhile, the people are getting more and more upset that their government is not handling the problem at all well, certainly not as well as they expected it would handle a crisis, based on the propaganda they were fed as children in school.

And it all spells bad news for the sitting government.

* * *

This is why the polls in the 2016 election were so horribly wrong. I know if anyone asks me how I intend to vote, I'm not telling them the truth. Too many crazy asshats out there who lose their shit and sucker-punch Trump supporters for that. And you never know who's going to do it, either. I mean, the Trump Derangement Syndrome stories cross all demographic lines; you'd expect the "elites" to have some sense of decorum, but even some of them have had screaming hissy fits at the sight of a MAGA hat.

I'm not going to risk it. "Hey, who are you voting for?" "I don't know, I kind of like the looks of...." Hmm. Come to think of it I'd better find out who the Libertarian candidate is this year. I'm not going to vote for him, but at least it gives me some cover.

Eh? Say I'm voting Democrat? I'd rather kiss a wookie.

* * *

It's really not all that difficult to understand. If you restrict the supply of artificially cheap labor (in other words, stem the tide of illegal aliens) then the price of labor must increase.

This is shocking news to anyone who attended an Ivy League school, of course.

* * *

Nordic countries are not socialist. At best they are capitalist countries with massive safety nets. A good example is Sweden's school system:
The government provides families with vouchers for each child. These vouchers can be used to attend regular public schools, government-run charter schools, or private, for-profit schools. Clearly, the use of government funds to pay for private, for-profit schools is the opposite of socialism.
Not exactly the opposite of socialism, but an awful good start. This kind of school choice ensures competition for the education dollar (kroner? Franc? Whatever) and that is what makes their schools better than American schools, which are truly socialized education.

* * *

Speaking of the failure of socialized education, inner city schools are pretty much the exemplar. The post cites a San Francisco Chronicle article which talks about how "a group of 5 to 20 students" has rendered an entire junior high school completely uncontrollable.

"If you were wondering why only a third of American schoolchildren can read at grade level,..."

* * *

Actually, that third of American children are the third whose parents are together and who sit and read to and with them. Like my parents did. My Dad would sit down with me and read a book to me while I looked at the pages; and lo and behold one afternoon in kindergarten the teacher came over to where I was sitting and told me that class was back in session and I had to put the book away (which I did, reluctantly). Five years old, reading on my own, and I didn't even realize I was doing it. (And that awful kindergarten teacher I had, she made me feel like I'd done something bad.)

* * *

Trump pardoned Blago even though Blago's a Democrat, because--let's face it--that sentence was ridiculous. Fourteen years for talking about doing something that everyone in politics does? Really?

Second City Cop outlines it pretty well:
Eight years for a phone call--a wiretapped call between Blago and JayBee "the Hutt" Pritzker, that was mysteriously ended mere seconds before either was able to utter the name "Obama."

Not a single dime exchanged hands (in this deal--lord knows about other deals) and he gets a fourteen year sentence because he endangered Sparklefarts. Bobby Rush, who outright refuses to account for a missing million dollars, hasn't faced so much as a rude question from the bought-and-paid-for media.
Difference is, Bobby Rush is black and Blago is not.

* * *

Hillary Clinton obviously never heard the one about the pot and the kettle.

* * *

Our civilization actually has not existed long enough for us to evolve. I understand the point he's trying to make there, but I never did buy it, not when Jack London made it, not when Lysenko made it, and not now.

* * *

"We Teach Our Kids To Be Doormats And Then Wonder Why There Is A ‘Bullying Epidemic’".

Simple fact: not once in my entire life did I ever get useful advice from any adult how to deal with bullies. "Just ignore it." "You're egging them on!" "He shouldnt have done that, but your response is inappropriate."

Not until years later did I realize what actually made the bullying stop: when I fought back, that was when it went away. "Just ignore it?" That just made it more of a challenge for the bully to get a rise out of his victim. Made it more fun--up the intensity, get more people involved--sooner or later the victim cracks (they always do) and then it's more fun! Especially when the school faculty invokes that "inappropriate response" thing, because all you have to do is play innocent and the principal will punish your victim for doing exactly what you were trying to get him to do in the first place.

For the bully, it's win-win. For the victim, it's lose-lose. Always-always.

Bullying was not considered a problem before kids were encouraged to be gay or queer or transsexual. Back when a boy coming to school dressed as a girl outside of Halloween would be sent home (regardless of reason) the bully had carte blanche to abuse whoever he wanted to, and get away with it--aided and abetted by the school faculty. (Because they were always ready to come down on his victims for their "inappropriate responses".)

But once the lefties started pushing the kids to be gay and queer and trans, then bullying became A Big Problem In Our Schools...and the prescriptions to stop bullying worked exactly as well as they always have.
We have built of this mythology of "the bigger person," and told our children that the "bigger person" is the one who walks away from bullies, disengages, tells an adult. The "bigger person" is somehow the submissive one who slinks away and runs for cover. We tell our children that remaining silent in the face of a bully is "strong" and "courageous." But somehow the strong, courageous, bigger child, who spends his childhood avoiding confrontation and retreating in the face of aggressors, never actually feels very strong, courageous, or big. He feels, rather, like a punchline. Because that is what we have told him to be.
And what does the child do when the bully follows him?

I don't remember the year; I just remember that I was maybe nine or ten and I was being bullied by a neighborhood kid. His older sister was there too--I think she was like fifteen--and she told me that if I did anything to her younger brother she'd beat me up. Her boyfriend was with her to underscore that point. So, I tried to walk away.

And of course the brat followed me, and the sister followed the brat. All the way down the block. Then the brat picked up a branch and started hitting me with it; at that I turned around and tried to take it from him but the sister leaped to the attack. So I grabbed my bike from my friend who'd been with me, on my bike, and took off.

The boyfriend followed me, of course. I kept trying to get around him, to get to the left side of the street, so I could go up my driveway; but no matter what I did he matched my speed and wouldn't let me past him.

So, when I got to my driveway, I just rammed him. That infuriated him and he was coming after me, so I screamed, "MOM! DAD! HELP! HELP!" and my parents came out and put the kibosh on that asshat's plans. Luckily it was a pleasant day and the house was open.

The point is, walking away doesn't work. The only way to make a bully stop--the only way--is to stand up to him and maybe feed him some of his own teeth.

Any kid I ever have will be taught that, and will be told in no uncertain terms that if they are being bullied, and have to fight to stop it, I will back them up a hundred percent. I will make available to them whatever sort of training they want in martial arts. There will not be any of the crap my parents did about "ignore it" and "well, there's not much we can do" and "maybe just stay home for a while." Hell no. And if I have to go to the school and feed an administrator his own anus, I'll do it: "Perhaps if you were half as competent an educator as you pretend, this sort of thing wouldn't happen in your school." And sue if they gave my kid a raw deal.

...but of course there will also be absolutely zero tolerance for any bullying activity on their part.

* * *

Today was weird.

Got up later than "on time" but made it to work on time. Left work to come home for lunch, got stopped by two trains, still had plenty of time to eat lunch, and got back to work on time. I sat in my office and did my work and got a few things done, all without any stress or strain.

It worries me when a day goes like that.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus got me a Galaxy Tab A for Christmas, and I've been reading Mangadex on it. I have to say it's a lot faster than the old Nook (vintage 2013), and because it's a name brand Android tablet it's better supported than the Nook is. The OBD2 interface dongles I bought for the cars--my Stylo 2V can't see them, but the tablet can. I haven't tried the endoscope with it yet, but I have a feeling it will work where it did not with the phone.


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