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#7034: It's not iron fusion!

Betelgeuse is brighter today than it was on the 14th and it's not "supernova" brightening, so it looks like we'll have the un-blown-up Betelgeuse to kick around a little longer.

Not disappointed. Not surprised.

* * *

Ilhan Omar did indeed marry her brother.
Ilhan Omar DID marry her brother, reveals Somali community leader, who says both she and her husband told him Ahmed Elmi was her sibling and she would do what she had to do to get him 'papers' to keep him in US.

Ilhan Omar told friends years ago that the man who went on to become her second husband was in fact her brother, can confirm.

Abdihakim Osman is the first person to go on record to speak of how Omar said she wanted to get her brother papers so he could stay in the United States.
And that is immigration fraud and bigamy. I don't know what the law in Minnesota says about marrying a brother but I doubt that is any more legal than bigamy or immigration fraud.

* * *

The Democrats really wanted John Bolton to testify at the Senate impeachment hearings but they didn't want his testimony badly enough to call him as a witness during the House proceedings.


* * *

The downfall of the Boy Scouts of America started in the 1980s.

* * *

Kim du Toit talks about a bunch of stuff, but the first item is what prompted comment here. Buttplug wants to raise the legal age for firearm purchase, and Mr. du Toit suggests that's fine as long as they raise the voting age, too.

I think that's a fantastic idea. Let's make it so that you must be able to legally own a firearm in order to vote! In other words, if you're not allowed to own a gun, no vote for you.

* * *

Iran's war-making ability has been utterly disrupted in the wake of Suleimani's death. This is a good thing and--of course--the real outcome of the assassination of that bastard is utterly contrary to the predictions of the "experts".

* * *

Bernie Sanders math! Just pay someone negative money and it's all fixed!

* * *

I hope that Oberlin is only the first example of leftist organizations throwing around their weight and getting punished for being assholes.

* * *

If Trump pardons another 1,901 people, he'll have pardoned as many people as Obama did. Until Trump hits that point, leftists, SHUT THE FUCK UP.

The left is in such a tizzy over who Trump pardoned, I am sincerely hoping it's because those people are instrumental to FLATTENING THE AMERICAN LEFT.

* * *

So, those battery-operated candles I put in the windows on December 23rd? They are still merrily turning on by themselves--now about forty minutes before sunset--and turning off again around midnight. That's almost two months.

I bought them the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I didn't put them up until the 23rd because I didn't expect anything like this kind of battery life.

I wish I'd bought two more sets of them, in fact, so I could put them in all the windows that you can see from the street. Oh well; maybe next year.

* * *

Today I had to go on a snipe hunt: I had to find a router that was serving one computer, and which was used for the old security system. Armed with the floor plan for the ground floor and a set of keys I looked in closets that I hadn't known existed until today. (Since I started in October that's not as cool as it sounds. Sadly.) But finally I got into a smallish office that's been turned into a storeroom; and in there is this one elderly PC connected to the router in question. The PC has an "Athlon 2" sticker on it, and "Designed for Windows XP"--which means it can't be newer than about 2008, for crying out loud. I didn't turn the monitor on to see what version it was running, but if that router comes out the PC will probably be shut down, too--in which case I'll find out what's on it before I scrap it.

In the process, I learned a secret code for getting into one of the equipment rooms AND discovered that the key that opens my office door also opens some other doors.

Little by little, I learn the job, and become that much more useful. Woohoo!

* * *

Tomorrow's a hell day; got to get up early and be at one of my off-sites by 6:30. Plus side, I get to leave early.

Ah, well.

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