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#703: Anime stuff YET again....

Do yourself a favor: do not bother watching Tokimeki Memorial. Worthless. Boring. Stupid. Endless.

...but it did finally end, and boy was I glad! The ending was just as stupid and uneventful as the rest of the series was. What a waste of ink.

On the other hand, though, Seto no Hanayome caused me much diverticular pain this evening. I probably shouldn't have watched it with my gut in this state, but I used up all my willpower not killing that stupid little girl the other day so I ended up watching ep 22, and it was a certifiable laugh riot, ha ha!

Remember I mentioned downloading Doujin Work entirely on impulse, just because of the name and because the guys who subbed it are subbing Sketchbook--Full Colors? Well, I've seen three of the sadly too-short episodes--14 minutes each--and I like it. It's funny and entertaining.

I haven't even seen any of Sketchbook yet.

The main character gets into drawing ero-doujinshi because she thinks she can make money at it, and so far her misadventures with her reference materials and going to her first con as an artist were a lot of fun. It's worth downloading.

Pretty Cure has taken an interesting direction. I wondered how they were going to extend the plot when--as of ep 22--Nagisa and Honoka had six of the seven Prism Stones and only one (rather powerful) bad guy was left, with 25 episodes remaining in the first series! Well, the writers found a way, and this is going to be interesting.

Besides all that, I cleaned out my torrent directories a bit--just organizing and taking "off-line" the torrents which have seeded at least to the default seed limit (150%). There are still plenty left, though, as I haven't decided how I want to organize some of them, and of course I'm leaving up the most recent ones that haven't seeded at least to 150%. I can haz good nettiquette. ("Torrentiquette"? No, that sounds like a malfunctioning first aid device.)

It'll make it slightly easier to find things I want to watch, though, so that I won't have to scroll through endless lists of files to find the one I want.

I've been watching the Sunday ads for computer hardware since, like, ever, and I noticed today that Circuit City is selling USB hard drive enclosures. I've wanted to take some of my older spare drives and put them in external enclosures--sure they're not all that huge, but an extra 20 GB here and there would let me make some partial off-line backups of things, and besides I still have a handful of 120+ GB hard drives which are EIDE and doing nothing but collecting dust...

* * *

For some reason my copy of Azumanga Daioh has been calling out to me recently. I think I've watched the entire series about 5 times now, and it's still entertaining, but the current surplus of anime on my hard drive keeps me from re-watching anything. (Though I might re-watch all of Momoiro Sisters again. That should take two hours, tops.)

I came across the "Osaka Dalek/Dialect" motivational poster thingy on-line somewhere. The other day I was thinking about it, and then screeched in an appropriately Dalek-like fashion:


...and was glad no one was around to see it, although I laughed out loud at it.

The hell with exterminating everyone; we demand Okinawan donuts!

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