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#7037: I'd honestly like to have more sympathy for them than I do

7 out of 126 members survived the AIDS epidemic. The San Francisco Gay Mens' Choir, the members in white are original members.


In the early 1980s, when AIDS was first appearing, and when it became obvious that gay men were the a-number-one highest risk group, and that the disease was an STD, the various agencies of America's public health apparatus wanted to shut down the bath houses and the sex clubs where gay men congregated, in order to stem the spread of the thing.

The gays resisted. Sued to keep them open, sued to be able to congregate in places where they could keep doing all the things which spread AIDS through the gay community like a firestorm. Instead of understanding that this was a public health threat, and moreover one that was specifically threatening their very existence, they shrugged it off and insisted that it was just a bunch of right-wing Republican nazi bullshit meant to keep them from having a good time.

It wasn't. It was honestly meant to stop the spread of the disease. But that didn't matter to the gay community; and so the bathhouses and sex clubs stayed open, and the promiscuous and anonymous sex that's a hallmark of the homosexual lifestyle continued, and AIDS killed a great number of gay men.

And it killed a hell of a lot of other people, people who were not gay, but who merely needed blood transfusions.

So--I can acknowledge that it's sad for them that only seven men remain from the original choir, but it's the result of their own choices. HIV is not a weird voodoo curse that strikes people at random, and it's not some kind of divine punishment that happens to those who sin. It's a virus--and if you act in ways which spread that virus, then it spreads. If you don't--if you comply with quarantine orders and do as the doctors suggest--it doesn't. And HIV would not be the problem it is today if the gay community had listened to the authorities with their big heads, rather than their little ones.

The earliest cases can be excused--the ones that happened before we knew what was happening, why, and how--but not those that came later. And "later", by the way, was around 1981 or so.

* * *

Know what it's like? It's like saying that COVID-19 is just a commie conspiracy to ruin the economy, and heading to China and taking care of business there. No one would look at someone with that attitude and feel sorry for him because he got sick.

* * *

"You can't be vegan if you eat avocados. Avocados are violent." What? That's insane. I don't like avocados, but that's because they have a slimy, mushy texture and taste like pureed grass clippings. In what way can they possibly be violent?

* * *

Let's face the facts here. If someone is determined to steal something, he'll steal it, even if you have the thing under guard. What you want to do is to make it difficult for the theif to take it.

That's the theory behind locking your doors. Okay: if the door is unlocked, the thief is inside the perimeter. As long as his entrance goes unnoticed he's got some time to steal. But if the door is locked, then he has to get past that barrier--and that takes time and might make noise that will get him noticed.

This is the same theory as in the article. Can a thief remove a lock? Of course he can! Locks can be picked, or cut, or broken, or any of a hundred other things. But while the presence of a gun safe, bolted to the floor and locked in place, won't make it impossible for a thief to steal your guns, it will make it much more difficult. What was a simple in-and-out burglary turns into a complex operation involving an angle grinder or bolt cutters or-or-or. And if the safe is big and heavy, how does he get it outside? How does he do it discreetly enough that no one calls the cops?

Robbers--the smart ones--generally operate on a very simple principle: hit a house where no one is home, take obviously valuable things, and get out fast. You don't take time to make an exhaustive search of the house and you most definitely don't waste time on safes unless you have the combination. The longer you're in that house, the more likely it is that you get caught.

Because if someone is home? What was a simple B&E and robbery turns into assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault, armed robbery, and God knows what else. If someone comes home while you're in there--

Locking up valuables is the smart thing to do, and it's especially smart to lock up your guns--but there's no way to make them impossible to steal.

* * *

I have been saying this for twenty years. Admittedly, for the first six of those years, it was on a much smaller scale. Still: crime is a tool of the left.

They purposely take actions which make crime as bad as possible in order to make the people afraid. When the people are afraid, they give up their liberty for safety's sake. And then the government owns them.

* * *

In order to be an intellectual, you must be able to hold two contradictory beliefs about something simultaneously.
Let's see: women are just as strong and just as fierce as men. Thus, only the most bigoted citizen would even imagine that women are not strong enough to belong to the military. But now, when faced with texts that merely dramatize warrior strength and ferocity, we discover that women are consistently underperforming. The reason: they cannot wrap their minds around warfare.
That about wraps it up.

An intellectual doesn't see a problem with that.

* * *

Sex reassignment only causes more misery, particularly when it happens to someone who has been inadequately screened against other psychological issues prior to sex reassignment measures being taken.

* * *

Given the circumstances, this really does not pass the smell test. Guy drives out somewhere, gets out of his car, and commits suicide by shooting himself in the chest. That's novel! Generally when someone decides to drive somewhere and commit suicide with a gun, he does it in the car and in the head.

And of course it's only a coincidence that he just happened to be a "whistleblower who was an outspoken critic of the administration of former President Barack Obama."

I wonder what he had to say about the Clintons?

* * *

An interesting timeline of the future but it keeps talking about how much of the CO2 we've emitted will remain in the atmosphere.

CO2 molecules have a half-life of about 18 months, meaning that half of the CO2 molecules which are in the atmosphere right now won't be there in August of 2021. They will have been replaced with new CO2 molecules.

So, no, 29% of the CO2 molecules in Earth's atmosphere right now--man-made or not--won't still be here in 1,000 years.

* * *

Well, we can call that a day wasted. *sigh*

Got up after noon--which makes sense given that I hit the hay after 2 AM and couldn't sleep, and so took half a Xanax to quell my anxiety. But after having a PBJ and writing some of this post, I started to feel crummy again, so I laid back down, and slept more.

Got up again at about 4:30, I think, and made quesodillas, and ate them, and finished this post. Now it's 6, the sun has all but set, and I'm still feeling kind of punky.

I had intended to change the Jeep's oil today, maybe get a couple of other little chores done; but instead now I can feel guilty about not having done anything, and can still do the oil change under less-ideal conditions. Maybe after work, or next weekend when it's supposed to be 20 degrees cooler than today's high of 55.


Well, procrastination is its own punishment, anyway.

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