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Too Big

I was looking, today, for images of Ranpha Franboise, a character in Galaxy Angel.

Galaxy Angel is pure fluff. It is meant to be fun without any real logic or deep meaning. The story centers around a unit of the Angel Brigade, a branch of the military of the Transvaal Empire. The Angel Brigade's primary mission is to search for the Lost Technology.

What is the Lost Technology? No one knows. So the members of the Angel Brigade end up doing all kinds of other things while looking for the Lost Technology. This conceit drives all sorts of misadventures.

The main character of the story is Mifuelle Sakuraba, who is blessed with good luck--phenominal good luck, the kind of good luck that makes for slapstick anime. She's cute and all, but I prefer the looks of her senpai, Ranpha:

As you can see, Ranpha is chock-full of anime hotness, from the long blond hair to the high-cut cheongsam (chinese dress) to the little rocket-motor-thingies in her hair. But here's an image of what happens when you let some breast-obsessed fanboy have too much free time:

That is an example of a BB "parodii" image. (Again, "BB" is left for the reader to self-define...but it should be obvious from that image what "BB" means.) That's what I was talking about in a prior entry, when I was talking about BB images being somewhat icky. Also, whoever drew that did a lousy job on her face, too.

Notice how the first image is both cute and sexy, and how the second image is neither? That's the kind of problem I have with BB stuff. Even if the image is drawn by a professional, the proportions of the body end up being about the same. The BB image above was obviously drawn by someone who knows how to draw; he nailed her hair. Overall the proportioning of the body is not bad--the hips could be drawn a little slimmer, and the waist is anorexic-thin--but the impossibly enormous breasts ruin the entire image. (Not to mention the fact that her nipples would have to be about 1.5 inches in diameter--the actual nipples, I mean, not the aroleas, which are easily the size of her hands.)

And now, to clear our heads of that awful BB image, here's another nice pic of Ranpha:


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