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#7039: It's just as well I didn't, I suppose

That last post was enough to stand on its own. Now for everything else.

* * *

Today, on my way back from an off-site, I was ruing the fact that my Jeep's stereo can only play CDs (audio and data) and has no USB port. I decided that I'd check into car stereos and see what's available. I mean, after all, the one in the truck went in there in 2007; it's more than 12 years old.

...first one I saw on Amazon was one of those double-DIN-size units, with a touchscreen. Bluetooth! Plays DVDs! You can plug your backup camera into it, and it has a front USB and an AUX port on it. Price: $140, and it was Pioneer, the car stereo brand I prefer.

Checked the size of the hole in the Jeep's dashboard before pulling the trigger, because I didn't think it was a double-DIN-sized hole...and I was right. 1.5 DIN at the most.

*sigh* That was a lovely dream while it lasted, though.

They do make 1 DIN stereos with screens that slide out, but that's a bit too kludgy for my taste, and that would block the center vents anyway.

Still: I could get a Pioneer stereo which would fit, play CDs, has front USB and AUX ports, and costs under $70. So, I'm thinking it over.

The music I have on the computer would fit on a 64 GB thumb drive and leave room for "future expansion", and I could drive to Alaska before it would repeat songs. (Slight exaggeration.)

* * *

"Allegedly Pro-Union, Pro-Working Class Internet Media Company "The Young Turks" Refuses to Recognize Union". As usual, you cannot be a leftist without being a hypocrite. I love it! It's so typical, and it never fails.

"Gosh, if our company unionized it would ruin us! But that doesn't mean that other companies shouldn't be unionized!"

They're so damned full of shit....

* * *

So, this teachers' union demands that the kids share their bathrooms with transgendered teachers.
[Vica] Steel is a transgender science teacher at Frank Allis. In a letter published in Our Lives Magazine last month, Steel claims that she used the women's/girls' bathroom across from her classroom beginning in January after coming out last March. The district received a complaint and asked the elementary school's principal to come up with a policy barring staff from using the same bathrooms as students.
So, let me unpack this. If I am correctly understanding this HORSESHIT, "Vica" Steel is biologically male but identifies as a woman. And starting in January of this year, he-she-it-WTF-ever started using the girls' bathroom.

So what you have is, an adult with a penis and testicles is using the same bathroom as little girls.

Why are adults even using the same bathrooms as kids anyway? What is up with that crap?

I'm becoming increasingly convinced that public schools need to be abolished, completely.

* * *

Speaking of sick fucks, Illegal alien father lets his 17-year-old son repeatedly rape his 11-year-old daughter. The girl reportedly gave birth in a bathtub. Was the baby alive? Is it still alive?

Who thinks this is okay? Seriously, who thinks this is fine?

* * *

When you are evaluating anything the communist Chinese government says, remember that COMMUNISTS ALWAYS LIE.

Meanwhile, I am seeing ever more cautionary posts like this one warning Americans that COVID-19 is likely to be the real deal, and we may be stuck with whatever we happen to have on-hand for several weeks at least. I am reminded by this that I should probably triple-check my own larder and make sure it's up to snuff.

* * *

When you buy an electric car, please bear in mind that the cobalt used to make the batteries is anything but "ethically sourced", all right? Maybe that'll put a damper on your smug self-congratulation.

* * *

Oh, what a surprise, a far-left eco-nazi group may be responsible for sabotaging trains. They're protesting a pipeline, so they sabotage the only reasonable alternative to a pipeline. Of course. Because if there is anything in this universe that is dumber than an environmentalist, I sure as hell don't know what it is.

* * *

Boeing can't even make their own fricking rocket engines. I was under the impression that Starliner was eventually supposed to fly atop "Space Launch System" (SLS) rockets--you know, the hyper-expensive heavy-lift boosters that will cost NASA $1 billion per flight, and Boeing can make a handful of them per year? But Atlas V really isn't all that much better, because they're antiques--totally disposable. Boeing apparently has not gotten hep to the fact that the new hotness in rocketry is reusability. I mean, sure, the aerospace industry has talked for forty years about how desirable reusability was, and how they'd get to it "someday"...but other folks are making it happen now.

Well, hell--Boeing's not in the "flights to orbit" business; they're in the launch vehicle business. The idea of using $500 million worth of hardware once and then dropping it in the Atlantic Ocean doesn't bother them at all--that's how they make their money, after all.

...and they can't even build their own freaking engines. Wow.

* * *

Again, speaking as a member of the Baby Boomer generation, "A generation could not have failed more at being responsible adults if they tried."

* * *

Reading this was like a punch in the gut. Prayers said for Ol' Remus and his wife. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, today was not a bad day, surprisingly. Went by pretty quickly and I managed to get a few things accomplished. It's just a little bit worrisome, in fact.

Well--they say we're getting anywhere from five to eight inches of snow over a 36-hour period, starting sometime tomorrow. Maybe that's why.

* * *

So, decided to do a little bit of backup work on the old HDD in Floristica. I've got the 120GB SSD that had been in Dad's laptop--I donated it to Og, who's going to send it to people who can use it, but they needed more storage rather than fast I/O so I put its original HDD back in it. Leaving the 120 GB SSD laying around on my desk--so I decided to use it for backing up critical data and/or Sneakernet, to move anime files from Floristica to Achernar. (Haven't run Ethernet to the family room yet.)

Anyway, went to copy my whole "My Documents" folder and Windows complained that there wasn't enough room on the disk. Only 10.1 GB free. "Well, hell," said I, "I don't need the Windows directory; let's dump that."

...except that no matter what I tried, I absolutely COULD NOT delete it.

I get that the Windows directory is where the operating system lives. I know you don't want people just to be able to casually delete the thing. But if I'm logged in with administrator privileges, and I tell you to give ownership of that directory to me, and then delete it, you are supposed to delete it and not refuse.

You can't accidentally take ownership of anything on a Windows computer; you need to drill down through three or four levels of configuration panes to get to the place where you can change ownership of files. The same thing goes for unmarking them as "read-only", though that's a bit easier. Okay? Someone is not going to accidentally delete their Windows directory, not with the safeguards that Win10 has in place.

But when someone knows how to turn that shit off, and has admin rights, HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO TURN IT OFF and delete things.

Unfortunately, Windows is designed not to allow that. So I have two choices: either make do with about half the drive being filled with utterly worthless crap, or else back up the data I want to keep, wipe the drive entirely, and then copy the desirable stuff back to it.

Earth to Microsoft: it should NEVER be this hard.

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