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#7041: Well, guess we'd better prepare, huh?

I suppose it can't hurt, right? To be ready to stay indoors for a couple of weeks at least?

I was thinking, on my way home from work, that during my parents' entire lives there was never an epidemic--not even threatened--since they were born after the big 1917 flu epidemic. Sure there have been diseases going around, but that's every year in history.


* * *

This is really cool. A privately-owned satellite docked with another satellite.

The problem with satellites is that they need to keep themselves on-station, and that means using reaction mass. When the tanks run low, they need to ease the satellite out of geosynchronous orbit and into a "disposal orbit" where it can quietly quit working without causing any trouble.

But, these guys built a satellite designed to latch onto one of these still-working but nearly out of fuel satellites, and--in essence--give it a new lease on life, by providing maneuvering and station-keeping functions for it.

Brilliant. It really is brilliant! Because now a satellite in geosynchronous orbit can be used until it breaks; all you need to do is keep sending up these "helper" satellites.

Even better: build yourself a space station at some moderate altitude (maybe 10,000 miles up, halfway to geosync) and then you can service the helper satellites and reuse them.

I don't know that I've ever read about this idea in any SF story, so it really is a novel idea--and bleeding obvious once some genius goes and does it.

* * *

Vegan alternatives like almond milk and tofu are actually much worse for the planet than simply eating animals is.

* * *

"If feeding America were left to you late-sleeping, soy double-shot almong milk latte-drinking, arrogant SOBs, this country would be starving by Christmas." Quoth a farmer, and truer words were never spoken.

By the way: I'd like to see Mike Bloomberg try to operate that farm implement and do more with it than just use it as a means of random destruction.

* * *

I did not know that Bernie Sanders did not have a job until he was 40.

I did know about the "three houses" thing, of course:

Started out emulating his hero, Karl Marx, I guess, but ended up getting filthy rich. What do Senators earn per year? $174,000 per year, it says here. His net worth is estimated as "millions" but we don't have any specifics. Funny how no one's calling for the release of his tax returns....

* * *

Cluster headache today but I bravely soldiered onward and got a couple of things done. But I'm tired.

Haven't played WoW for a few days now, probably won't do much of it tonight either. Oh well.

We got maybe 3 inches of snow, all told. Just not that big a deal--and it's supposed to be in the fifties on Sunday again. Maybe this time I'll get the Jeep's oil changed....

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