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#7043: They're really trying to pin it on President Trump

Limbaughhh pointed out today that in all the stories about the Democrat primaries, COVID-19 is never mentioned at all. Not even in the context of "what will this do to voter turnout?"

It's a huge emergency, it's a massive problem, we're all screwed...but the Democrats aren't affected by it? Really?

Now, suddenly, COVID-19 has broken out on the west coast of America, but somehow there are no known links to the origin of the thing in China. People just mysteriously came down with it, like it was some kind of voodoo curse or something, and all kinds of people are infected with it.

NO, I DON'T BELIEVE THAT. If it is COVID-19, there had to be a vector or a carrier or something that brought it here. It's physically impossible for a disease to magically pop up somewhere without being carried there. ("Are you suggesting viruses migrate?") Someone brought it here. Someone who was contagious but not showing symptoms, someone who was merely a carrier and didn't get sick from it ("COVID-19 Mary"? No--Chinese. "COVID-19 Mei" then). Okay, or the thing everyone said was impossible: someone caught it from a package that was shipped from China.

More likely, it's the Deep State trying to make this thing look worse than it is by exaggerating it. "Okay, we don't have enough tests, so we're gonna count pneumonia and severe URIs as 'coronavirus'." Like in Africa, how they count "tuberculosis" as "HIV/AIDS" because they can't afford to test everyone who presents with symptoms of the thing. Of course that makes HIV/AIDS a "crisis", which works out very well for the advocacy and aid groups that operate there.

Who benefits from a big outbreak in the USA? Deep state, anti-Trump people do. The press has already demonstrated that they desperately want this thing to be a major disaster so they can paint Trump as a failure, and they don't give a rat's ass who suffers as long as they make their political points with it.

Meanwhile, it's not as deadly as the flu, or SARS, or MERS, or any of the other novel diseases that have cropped up over the past couple of decades. As noted before its infectiousness seems to be the big problem with it. And because the Democrats have not yet managed to saddle us with socialized medicine, we have the ability to contain this thing and keep it from overwhelming our medical system.

As long as we're all willing to be reasonable, and understand that quarantines are a necessary exception to civil rights when something like this comes along. Like it or not.

* * *

So, heard about something really stupid the other day. "Negative ion generators" that are basically thorium oxide in some kind of matrix or container. Thorium generates alpha particles (positive ions). It's not very radioactive, but why risk it?

The "massager" which contains thorium oxide powder really takes the cake. Okay, it's contained, so the alpha particles can't get out...but that being the case, how the hell is it generating "negative ions" when the radiation is confined? And what if it breaks? You do not want to get a snootful of thorium oxide dust, not if you want to avoid getting lung cancer twenty or thirty years from now.

* * *

Bernie Sanders was a poor ne'er-do-well until he entered politics. Now he has three houses and a seven-figure net worth!

* * *

"Blago hints at plenty more dirt and old-school Chicago sleaze yet to come. Hopefully he can get it all dished up before his shocking 'suicide.'" That pretty well sums it up, I think.

* * *

We have lost one of the greatest minds in science. To be fair, Freeman Dyson was 94 years old. Even so, a terrible loss.

* * *

So glad it's Friday evening. I'm tired.

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