atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#7049: Really?? has the o-ring set for $3. Shipping to get it here before next weekend makes it $10.

Amazon has the set for $10, free shipping, here tomorrow. Done. Also, $11 for the T-60 I need to get the thing off the engine so I can replace the o-rings. Also free shipping, here tomorrow. Good enough.

Did not get the turn signal relay replaced, because right after I wrote that, Mrs. Fungus got home, and the entry before this one was the result.

I'm starting to think that once we start having warm weather a little more reliably than now I might take a day off specifically for Jeep repair. Get that damned exhaust dealt with and fix half a dozen other niggling little things.

That won't be for at least six, eight weeks though. Right now it's still winter for three more weeks and we'll have cold wet weather for most of April if past experience is any guide.

Oh well.

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