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#7050: Well, heat cycling, of course, helps

Right after getting the oil changed on the Jeep yesterday--and seeing oil seeping from the oil filter adaptor--we took a ride, Mrs. Fungus and I, to get a Giordano's pizza.

Today, after making an emergency run to an offsite to see why a critical piece of network hardware was not answering ping (it had unplugged itself, somehow) I checked the state of the thing--and there was absolutely no sign of fresh seepage. So when I got home from work this evening I left her running and wiped down the join between adaptor and block, and still no seepage. It was coming out dead top center, just a little tiny bit--looking like a bleeding cut, for cripes's sake--and it was quick enough that it was obvious. I could wipe it clean, wait a few seconds, and there'd be another drop's worth of oil there.

But not this evening.

So I figure that on the trip I made to get the pizza, the engine got up to its normal operating temperature and stayed there for a bit, and then cooled down again--and that kind of "reset" the seal and stemmed the seepage.

Still, the requisite T60 driver came, and the o-rings are due to come tomorrow, and it looks like there's enough room to work around the thing--so this weekend, given a spot of good weather, I'll tackle it.

* * *

So: Booty-judge and Klobuchar both dropped out of the race and endorsed--wouldn't you know it?--Biden, because the Democrat party totally wants to have a fair and balanced nomination season, letting the best man win, etcetera, and--COUGH GASP CHOKE no, that was too much bullshit for me to handle, they're endorsing Biden because Bernie Sanders being their candidate will cost them control of the House of Representatives and everyone damned well knows it.

Booty-judge pulled out because there are a lot of southern states voting soon and they take a dim view of elistist homosexuals, no matter what they did prior. And by the way, could we just stop with the "veteran" thing? I say that if you actually saw action, or at least had the possibility that you were going to see action, you're a veteran--but if all you did was go to training and fill out forms and fap around in places well away from any possible threat of experiencing combat, you're just "ex-military". I don't know what Butty-jug's duty assignments were and I don't care; that's just something that occurred to me and it ought to apply to everyone. Okay? McCain: veteran (even though he was a skunk). George W. Bush: ex-military. George H.W. Bush: veteran. You see?

Go further. Ronald Reagan: ex-military. Jimmy Stewart: veteran. Like that. Guys who actually got shot at (or were in places where they were likely to get shot at) versus guys who joined the military and did a job for a few years. There's no dishonor in it but I think actually having your life endangered ought to be the qualifying factor.

Klobuchar pulled out because she had the presence and personality of a clock radio.

Both candidates, I expect, got phone calls from Obama or someone telling them, "All right, you've had your fun; now it's time to pack it in and endorse Biden."

I can't even blame them, not for doing that; it's horse-trading, done all the time. What I can blame them for is changing the rules mid-stream to prevent Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination, as they did in 2016. If 2020 is a repeat of 2016 I do not expect the Bernie supporters to take it lying down.

* * *

Drove past a house in town here with a yard sign: "SAVE THE DOME", it exhorted. Why?

The former high school building is completely unused. It was supposed to be the "sixth grade center" for the school district, and in fact it still has a sign over the door to that effect--but when you drive past it, it's obvious that the classrooms are completely empty. Not even furniture. No cars in the parking lot, ever--except on football game nights.

The entire building--including its round, domed gymnasium--is utterly superfluous. Instead of keeping the property, the school district ought to sell it. Put a park there. Put in a big-box store. Put something other than the utterly useless old high school building on that land. Because our property taxes are fucking high enough, thank you very much, that we do not need to be paying for the upkeep on an utterly useless building.

Tear it down. Get rid of it.

* * *

"...the Fake Doctor Who team officially made the original incarnation of the Doctor a little girl." Well, so much for that one, I guess.

* * *

Another illegal alien that's a child molestor. Build the fucking wall already!

* * *

Well, my condolences to that judge's family for his impending suicide.
Federal court orders Hillary Clinton to sit for deposition in lawsuit over her time as Secretary of State. The court order requires Hillary Clinton to sit for a deposition within 75 days, as part of the discovery process into her use of a private server.
And by the way, she can't invoke "double jeopardy" because the case was never taken to trial. There's never been a trial, or even a grand jury, regarding this. FBI investigated, and what's-his-face said, "Well, there's no way we can prosecute!" and she was never even arrested for the thing, let alone indicted.

So a judge orders her to be deposed? I expect that judge to be found dead of an apparent suicide and the case will go to a judge (probably a Clinton appointee, no conflict of interest there!) who will reverse that order.

* * *

Today's Woodpile Report has the following:
This is from Tarstarkusz, a comment at The Z Man, about his essay, The Outsiders. An excerpt:
What passes for the left today would be completely unrecognizable in the 40s and 50 and probably even the early part of the 60s. Whereas they used to idealize and fight for the working man, at least in their rhetoric, today they idealize and fight for homosexuals and other degenerates, trannies who want access to children, felons and criminals, especially black criminals, and racial minorities generally. They openly despise the white working man. They make fun of the white working man. He is the butt of their jokes.
This has a longer history than Tarstarkusz imagines. It was first played out in the 'thirties by the FSA in Appalachia. When their "initiatives" and collectives were politely rejected the left went into a frenzy of revenge, giving us the grotesque caricature of hill people we live with today. It was also a political maneuver. After being shown the door by po' white folk they pivoted to more malleable demographics, especially The Diversity. And that, dear reader, is why we're all lampooned as Jethro and Elly May.
The hillbillies didn't want any part of socialism, which--of course--makes them stupid since that's the only insult the left has, and of course their joke is, "Aren't hillbillies stupid?" because that's the only joke the left has.

Utterly not surprising.

* * *

Apparently comparing Sanders' victory in Nevada to Hitler taking France was a bridge too far. Look: the Democrats don't hate Sanders or what he stands for; they want what he stands for. The problem is, they know he can't win an election against Donald Trump and that if he gets nominated to do so, the Democrats are likely to lose control of the House of Representatives.

So, Chris Matthews comparing Sanders' win to France falling to the Nazi war machine in WW2 went way beyond the pale. And that is why Matthews is out at MSNBC.

Or maybe not: apparently there was a bunch of "MeToo" stuff going on behind the scenes. But I think this is probably the most likely explanation:
MSNBC was happy to cover all this up until Matthews started taking on the progressive wing, and then leftwingers and Bernie Bros decided to cut him loose.
You can't compare a Democrat to the nazis, after all!

* * *

Here is an excellent point about banning things used by bad guys. Let's say that terrorists find that iPhones make a dandy bomb trigger--much better than any other kind of cell phone out there, so much so that all terrorist bombs now have iPhones in them. Should the American government ban the sale of iPhones?

That's what it sounds like when a nutjob who shouldn't be allowed to own firearms somehow gets his hands on an AR-15 and shoots up some place and people start talking about banning AR-15s.

* * *

After last week's stunning losses The DJIA gained 5.1% in a single day, which is the biggest one-day gain ever. Limbaugh's right about the reason why, though; it's because governments started talking about printing money to deal with the "economic disruption" caused by the coronavirus.

Mind you, nothing is different today than from last week except for those governments talking about printing money.

* * *

By the way--going back to that Doctor Who thing for a minute--they also talk about how the latest iterations of Star Trek are doing. Apparently CBS isn't releasing the ratings information for those shows.

Well, of course they're not. Don't you know? When a show's doing super-fantastic, they keep the ratings secret so no one guns for their series and tries to knock it out of its top slot! They make sure to hush up any mention of the ratings so other channels don't get jealous or have their feelings hurt. Right? Right??

* * *

Son of a bitch THIS GAVE ME FEELS!!!! so be careful about reading it.

But, kind of a neat story.

* * *

Today I was at the store for a few things and while I was putting my purchases into the Jeep I heard this extremely loud tire noise. It was a good quarter mile away. You know the sound; it's the sound that offroad tires make on pavement.

Into the parking lot comes this Nissan Titan with a 9" lift and huge mud tires. Perfectly clean, of course. The damned truck starts at $36,000; this one had 4WD and who knows how much that adds to the cost? Who's going to take a $50,000 truck off-roading?

Guy opens the door and hops down. I judged him to be approximately one Mike Bloomberg high.

Figures, I thought wryly. "Little man" syndrome. And--"The bigger the truck, the smaller the dick."

Holy crap, what a waste of money.

* * *

Anyway, I woke up feeling like complete crap, with my mouth hurting; I ended up going in an hour late. But I went.

Going to try to get in at the dentist tomorrow. I think what's happening here is that the tooth in question gets banged around a little and the place under it, that acts as a cushion and shock absorber, gets bruised. The swelling is why it hurts so f-ing much.

That tooth has nothing on either side of it; the last time I saw the dentist he theorized that the tooth was rotating a little in its socket (because of the lack of support) and gradually moving to a new position, and my teeth aren't fitting together right. But at the time I saw him, there was no pain and everything fit right.

So, lay off the ibuprofen tonight (and the other NSAIDS) and just take Tylenol. And see him ASAP tomorrow so he can get a look at the thing with the swelling going on, and explain to him everything that happened since I saw him last.

I don't think it's an abcess; I think it's just bruised. Because after not chewing on that side for week, I was in no pain, and could resume doing whatever I normally do. But sometime last week I was eating something and moved my jaw weird and GRRRUUUUUNKKKK it got dragged sideways, and I'd bet that was enough to start things going wrong.

* * *

Incidentally, something I hear on the radio:

"If you know what mesothelioma is, it's probably because you've had a family member who was affected by...." and I yell, "If I know what it is, it's probably because I'VE HEARD ONE OF THESE STUPID COMMERCIALS SOME TIME IN THE LAST TEN YEARS FFS!!!!!!11oneone

At least it's not the f-ing "Kars for Kids" commercial, though. *shudder*

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