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#7051: Not entirely certain where I ought to start tonight

So, let's start with COVID-19, where we've been starting for the past week anyway, at least when we weren't starting with the Jeep.

80 percent of infected people will show no symptoms at all. That's the first I'm hearing about that one.

This, however, is approximately where I already was:
Symptoms of severe disease are fever, cough, and shortness of breath. This could indicate pneumonia, the most dangerous form of the disease, and the one most likely to lead to requiring hospitalization.
You may be sick, but if you don't have trouble breathing, you've got a regular cold.

If you do have trouble breathing, seek medical attention immediately. (Which, if you think about it, is good advice regardless of why.)

* * *

Why did the kulaks have to be destroyed? The kulaks were, to use Hillary Clinton's term, "a basket of deplorables". Thanks to the fact that russian peasants were all disarmed, Stalin was able to starve all of them to death.

* * *

When it's a black man with a gun, "black lives matter" stops.

* * *

"Genital preferences are transphobic." All of those people are fucking nuts.

* * *

I can't believe it. This post contains everything I have been trying to say on the subject. Emphasis mine:
My mom stayed at home when I was a kid. Chester's mom probably stayed at home, too. Those stay-at-home moms served as the glue to hold communities together. They cleaned their own homes, helped their kids, and served as an informal network through which social connections were made, careers were determined, and emergencies were solved. We don't live like that now. We decided, as a society, to more or less double the size of our workforce by making women get involved. But we didn't double the amount of available work. So everybody was paid less. This gradual evisceration of the middle-class wage went unnoticed because you couldn't see it happen from day to day--but it happened.

At the age of 38, my father was basically where I am at forty-eight, career-wise. He drove a new Town Car and put two kids through private school. He had a much more valuable home than I do--about twice as valuable in today's market. And my mom stayed at home. It's true that Dad was frugal in ways that I am not; they didn't have carbon-fiber mountain bikes or Paul Reed Smith guitars back then. But there is no level of frugality that would allow me to live the way he lived at the time. I'd need to earn four hundred grand a year, and we'd feel pinched still.
And then, here, emphasis still mine:
I can make a pretty strong argument that the "Fight For $15" minimum wage doesn't buy what my Rax wage of $3.35 used to buy. And yet Eric Chester is right: even at $7.25 an hour, you can find plenty of full-time adults to do the work that used to be done by kids and part-time workers. What happened?

You know what happened. The "Greatest Generation" decided in 1965 to open the floodgates for immigration. Their Boomer successors voted again and again to remove even the most nominal of limits to incoming labor. We've had more than thirty million new legal immigrants since the turn of the century, which sounds insane but is, in fact, the case. There are about 45 million legal immigrants and another 11 million "undocumented" immigrants in this country.
And those immigrants have seriously depressed wage growth.

That's an excellent, excellent article.

* * *

So, about Starliner... "They skipped 25 hours of testing on a $4.3 billion project. An error that is going to cost them $410 million." That is not how you make money, Boeing. But of course some executive got his bonus for saving money, right?

* * *

Want to know why socialism is bad? That article very neatly explains why it's bad. Holy crap. It also explains why a disease like COVID-19 can race through the Chinese population so quickly.

* * *

I laughed out loud at this precisely because of the characterization of the scene as a visual representation of the Democrats' strategy.

* * *

I got the o-rings today. Supposed to be 60-ish on Sunday. We'll see.

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